The Arcade And SAE Are Teaming Up To Help Emerging Aussie Game Devs

The Arcade And SAE Are Teaming Up To Help Emerging Aussie Game Devs

Australians make great games, and in 2021, we’ve already seen just how talented our local industry is. From smash hits like Webbed and The Artful Escape, to upcoming gems like Unpackingthere are plenty of reasons to get excited about Aussie games and what the future of the industry brings. To harness all that juicy, creative energy currently flowing, the SAE Creative Media Institute has announced a brand new partnership with Melbourne games hub The Arcade to encourage new game design students to build their creative skills.

It comes amid new federal and state government funding for the local games industry that aims to encourage the long-term growth and stabilisation of Australia’s games output.

The partnership will see SAE game design students gain a variety of networking opportunities within The Arcade, which is home to a number of talented developers working in larger studio teams or solo. As one of Australia’s major games development hubs, The Arcade is brimming with talent, and it’s this talent that game design students will be able to learn from.

“We understand that game development is an increasingly competitive field and the best way to have an edge on the competition is to engage directly with experienced developers while in the early stages of your career,” Ceri Hutton, The Arcade’s director of operations and projects, said in a press release.

“We’re excited to work closely with SAE to unlock the true potential of this year’s immensely talented cohort and provide them with every opportunity needed to succeed in their game development career.”

Students have already been able to take advantage of the collaboration by working alongside developers in the space and receiving feedback on existing projects. While previously, The Arcade was home to games developers of any level, the new open-door policy will allow students in to hone their skills and learn from highly skilled local creators.

The Australian games industry is jam-packed with talent, and while the industry itself is only now getting the financial support and attention it needs to thrive, the future is looking brighter by the day. The partnership between SAE and The Arcade is just one important step towards building a future where Australian game developers can thrive in a rewarding and successful industry.


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