The Matrix Resurrections Trailer Is Fantastic

The Matrix Resurrections Trailer Is Fantastic

Now this is how you bring back a franchise.

We already had an indication of what was in Matrix: Resurrections courtesy of its unusual assortment of shots teased via a website. But on late Thursday night the trailer officially dropped, giving us Neil Patrick Harris as a therapist, Keanu Reeves leading a seemingly straightforward life, and more confusion about the difference between illusions and reality.

There’s the Oracle and the Architect, flashes of Agent Smith in a mirror, and lingering questions: is Neo still in the Matrix? He’s still taking the blue pills, but what exactly is it that causes Neo to discover the truth about his dreams?

If you want to get people hyped for going back to the movies, this’ll do it. Matrix Resurrections has a launch date of January 1 in Australia, which is sadly about a week after the film launches overseas. We’ll have a bigger breakdown of just all the moments from this later today, so stay tuned.


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