The Official Alien Cookbook Will Sci-Fi Up Your Next Culinary Adventure

The Official Alien Cookbook Will Sci-Fi Up Your Next Culinary Adventure
Contributor: Cheryl Eddy

Why yes, those are Alien chestbursters crafted from carrots. And yes, they do look outrageously tasty.

Recently, Gizmodo has shared recipes from Simpsons and Hocus Pocus-themed cookbooks. But today we’ve got a standout, both in terms of source material (Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi horror classic Alien, always a fun inspiration in the kitchen) and for the way author Chris-Rachael Oseland has managed to transform something that’s absolutely terrifying and more than a little repulsive in that source material into delicious-looking dishes. Open up the airlock, grab your lucky ginger cat, and hold onto your chest — because today, we’ve got a peek at the brand-new release, Alien: The Official Cookbook.

Here’s the official description, which gives you a bit more information: “Delight your friends with a journey through the Xenomorph’s terrifying life cycle. Alien: The Official Cookbook collects together 50 recipes inspired by the cult Alien franchise; featuring recipes such as avocado Xenomorph eggs and chicken facehugger cordon bleu, there’s something to whet every appetite, no matter how monstrous. Whether you’re a fan of the Alien franchise, or you’re just looking for the perfect quirky appetizers, this cookbook will thrill the eyes and the tastebuds. At last, it is your turn to be space’s greatest apex predator.” Click on ahead for four recipes from the cookbook!

Teeth, eggs, tentacles!

Image: Titan Books © 2021 20th Century Studios

Here’s the cover, which offers a tantalising tease of what’s inside. So many toothy delights!

Retro Bologna Quiche Cups

Image: Titan Books © 2021 20th Century Studios

The author’s note says “Since Alien came out in 1979, it only seems fitting to honour it with a suitably retro 1970s-inspired recipe.” That explains the 18 slices of bologna, which the instructions gleefully note will “open a little, like a Xenomorph egg cracking.”

Facehugger Cheeseball With Pull-Apart Body

Image: Titan Books © 2021 20th Century Studios

This looks legit incredible. I would absolutely rip off some face-hugger tentacles and use them to gobble up that cheesy dip.

Coiled Chestburster Veggie Pastilla

Image: Titan Books © 2021 20th Century Studios

You gotta love a recipe that contains the phrase “If you’d like it on a bloody bedding for presentation purposes…”

Whole Roasted Carrot Chestburster Surprise

Image: Titan Books © 2021 20th Century Studios

There’s no mistaking the inspiration here. Besides, why make just one chestburster-themed dish for your dinner guests when you can make two?

Alien: The Official Cookbook is out now, and you can order a copy right here.

All images taken from Alien: The Official Cookbook by Chris-Rachael Oseland, published by Titan Books © 2021 20th Century Studios. Reprinted by permission.

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