The PS5 Is Getting A Major Update

The PS5 Is Getting A Major Update
Image: Sony

The PS5 is getting a slew of new features in a massive software update set to go live around the world on September 15, Sony announced in a PlayStation blog post today.

3D Audio support for built-in TV speakers and M.2 SSD storage expansion are the big additions. The update will finally let PS5 owners access games and media directly off of M.2 SSD expandable storage.

Expanded 3D Audio also means you’ll no longer have to rely on headphones to make the most of the PS5’s enhanced audio mixing.

Sony is also tinkering with the UI:

  • The Control Centre can now be customised.
  • Messages can be sent directly from Game Base.
  • PS5 and PS4 versions of the same game will get separate slots in the library.
  • Screen reader controls are getting added.
  • PlayStation Now players can choose between 720p and 1080p streaming resolutions.
  • Accolades are being expanded to include one for “Leader.”
  • Challenge card completions will automatically be recorded.
  • A new trophy tracker tool will make it easier to check trophy progress.

Smaller changes are coming to the PlayStation and Remote Play apps, as well. Starting September 23, users streaming games over Remote Play will have the option to use their mobile data connection instead of WiFi. The PS app, meanwhile, is getting screen sharing. If a friend is playing a game on PS5, you’ll be able to message them through the app and have them broadcast their gameplay directly to you.

While the PS5 launched last November, tomorrow’s update will mark the first time players have been able to meaningfully expand its limited 500GB base storage capacity. It was possible to use expandable storage SSDs before, but you could only play PS4 games off them. Tomorrow’s update will make them fully-operational, as long as you’ve purchased and installed the right one, a not uncomplicated process when compared with the plug-and-play approach of the Xbox Series X/S.

Sony previously released in-depth directions, including specifications to compare. Now, just in case you were already feeling intimidated, there’s a new four minute video guide to help get you through the PS5 surgery.

While it certainly would have been nice the full 3D Audio and SSD support to have been available at launch, but at least both have arrived in time for the spring release onslaught. If you spend $300 doubling the PS5’s storage, you just might be able to fit both Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone on the same console.


  • Really want the PS5 to get VRR support, cause then it means arrogant Sony will actually see it as something important enough to add to their TVs as well.

    Been meaning to pull the trigger on a X90J TV but no VRR Support kinda kills it and the ‘promise’ it’ll come in a firmware update seems hollow given that they haven’t added it to their flagship console yet.

    • I’d prefer they get it right rather than just rushing a half arsed feature just to tick a box.
      Support for features like HDMI 1.2 VRR and ALLM has been a mixed bag of late in terms of quality as most people try to keep up with and predict the direction of a new and constantly changing standard.
      I mean, just look at the mess it’s been so far with buggy chips and dodgy soc’s, use of outdated hardware/software, performance issues and quick on paper fixes.
      (That’s why focus has shifted so dramatically to 2021-22 TV production)

      It’s not like Sony is hurting with a lack of VRR right now anyway, the Xbox has all the ticks but falls behind a lot in performance, even when games are enhanced specifically for the console (Dirt etc) and now there’s the looming issue with the current HDMI cable not actually supporting the coming upgrades which already results in a lot of problems.

      Best part is, all of this can and will eventually be fixed across the board when the time comes I would prefer to know I can grab a new TV and the only decision I have to make is price rather than having to chose between what actually works correctly and as intended.

      • Eh? VRR is a fairly standard thing for it to implement console side with the spec being part of HDMI 2.1 and the GPU supporting it, so its getting a bit beyond a joke from the PS5 side. As for TV’s, well thats on Sony’s TV division.

        As for Xbox ‘failing in performance’, the trend is this (after a year of watching DF)

        Xbox has a higher resolution and hits 60 fps (or closer to) in multiplat games.
        PS5 hits 120 fps better than Xbox in multiplat games, but with lower resolution.

        Which is pretty easy to explain, Xbox has a bigger GPU, so at lower frames this is more important.

        At higher frames, PS5 has faster storage and GPU clock, which means data is quicker to be loaded in allowing higher frames, but doesn’t have the sheer amount of grunt GPU wise to handle the higher resolution.

        And you know what, that’s fine, since Xbox has VRR to compensate (as long as you have a VRR TV of course, but its a pretty small list of TV’s that’ll do 120hz that don’t have VRR without dropping your res down to 1080).

        • You both are correct in what you are saying.

          I do have the Series X (no regrets, the PS5 I’ll get one day but definitely not feeling like I’m missing out on much except for Rift Apart!) and its use of VRR does, in the comparisons I’ve seen, fix the frame rate issues someone may have. So you then have a good frame rate with the best resolution.

          I just think the lack of implementation of VRR by Sony’s Playstation division and their reluctance to implement it into TVs which they promised would have it ‘in a future patch’ for both 2020 and 2021 models isn’t completely unrelated.

        • Yes, it’s easy to implement VRR but as with everything HDMI 2.1 related right now, mileage may vary.

          Sony TV’s are currently in the same place other manufacturers and chip developers, waiting for the next wave of HDMI updates/upgrades to avoid a repeat of last year.

          • Not sure what that has to do with Sony’s console, I very specifically avoided TV’s when I replied, as VRR is a bit more complicated display side.

            IMO, the reason VRR isn’t implemented on the PS5 yet is because its not HDMI 2.1 compliant at all due to the DP to HDMI converter setup they run for some dumb reason.

  • Ps5 needs a quick resume feature. I have both consoles into my main TV, have been a PS fanboi for two decades….and I use the Xbox first and foremost current primarily due to quick resume. Legit game changer.

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