The Quest To Create A Never-Ending Play In Madden

The Quest To Create A Never-Ending Play In Madden
Screenshot: Secret Base

Football is a game of inches, but it’s also a game of seconds, with clock management one of the most important skills in the game. That’s in the real world, anyway, where programming schedules and commercial breaks are a thing. In video games, as we’re about to find out, things can be different.

Fumble Dimension’s latest video digs very deeply into this, going on a quest to create a football play that never ends. Acknowledging that people out there have already done good work in this field already, Secret Base’s Jon Bois and Kofie Yeboah get to work trying to dream up a Madden play that, once snapped, can never end.

I’ll spoil things slightly by saying they never get there, but maybe you already knew that because that would be impossible. But what they’re able to find out by running certain plays using certain players that do certain things to the game’s creaky AI is nevertheless fascinating.

I was expecting defenders to eventually either break or ditch their assignments and come after the player once they hadn’t been tackled for, oh, 20 minutes, but the way everyone’s gears just keep on turning once the same play has been running for closer to an hour is a wild thing to see.

Also, while we’re here, enormous congratulations are in order for both Jon and Kofie just for simply sitting through this. Playing a single game of Madden for an hour is stretching the boundaries of “fun”, but running the same play for that long, moving the same QB around the backfield against the same five defenders, must have been agony.

If you’re still reading and are still interested in some very good football videos, Secret Base’s recent History of the Atlanta Falcons is also highly recommended, even if — and I truly mean this — you don’t like the Falcons, or even football.

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