The True JB Hi-Fi Experience

The True JB Hi-Fi Experience
Image: TikTok (Milligram96)

Sometimes, the internet serves up the perfect video.

That’s this gem from Millie Ford, an Australian online content creator. Ford’s obviously worked in retail before, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone distil the experience of JB Hi-Fi quite as perfectly as this.

The video is perfect on about several million levels. The elongated tone of voice. The way the box is just casually tossed onto the table after being thrown under the arm. The tapping, waiting for the JB system to update. The judicious use of pointing with the texta.

The side lean. The hard lean into the monitor. The Converse. Name-dropping Chatswood, which seems to reliably always have anything, ever. The upsell of a 20 percent discount even on something that they love — but you should personally wait anyway.


SO. MUCH. TAPPING. #jbhifi #retail #electronics #pov #australia #shopping

♬ original sound – Millie Ford

Absolute perfection. Art, even.


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