To Win The Game You Must Kill Me, Margaret Thatcher

To Win The Game You Must Kill Me, Margaret Thatcher
Image: 3D: Doom Daddy Digital

Margaret Thatcher, Queen of the Gatekeeping Gaslighting Girlbosses, is coming back from Hell, and it’s all up to you to stop her in the new Doom mod, Thatcher’s Techbase. And holy shit its music is good.

Doom, the godmother of the FPS genre, needs little introduction. Almost 30 years after its initial release, the game’s modding scene is still thriving. Even now, in 2021, people return to capture the blood magic of this utter classic. The recently announced Thatcher’s Techbase seems to both capture this magic perfectly and stars possibly the most divisive politician in the history of the United Kingdom.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with UK politics, you may be wondering why someone made a video game about Margaret Thatcher rising from the tenth layer of Hell. Let me get you up to speed. Margaret Thatcher, also known as the “Iron Lady,” was a conservative British politician famous for re-invigorating and redefining the country’s right-wing. For Americans, try to imagine a mix of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, and now make that person a girlboss who truly detests poor people. Yes.

Thatcher is best known for pushing harsh austerity policies, which wreaked havoc across the country; nationalism, both domestically and abroad; and severely damaging the power of trade unions throughout the UK. Her policies hurt a lot of people and laid the foundations for the modern British right-wing, which is all to say that a lot of people hate her and are glad she’s now undoubtedly in Hell.

Dunking on Margaret Thatcher has become a favourite pastime for virtually every leftist alive, because she, again, did untold damage to hundreds of thousands of lives in both Britain and Northern Ireland. Thatcher’s Techbase is an extension of this time-honoured tradition. This modern, classic Doom mod has custom sprites and enemies, controller support, and several multiplayer modes. What could’ve easily been a quick joke seems to have turned into a surprisingly fully featured video game with one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard (which is giving me major Paradise Killer vibes). Just click this embed thing and listen to this fucking song:

If you want to prevent Thatcher’s return, you can do so on September 24th, when the game launches on “PC, Mac, Linux, and whatever else you want to try running it on.”


  • So basically you’re just using this piece to wank yourself off over how much you hate Thatcher. I didn’t know Kotaku was now LEFTIST VIDEOGAME RAG #69, thank you for this uninsightful piece of yellow journalism.

    I’m sure you’ll get all the likes and retweets from Twitter you need to get those serotonin glands firing off.

  • Make no mistake, Thatcher was a terrible leader. But i cant help but question if the games media would give the same glowing review if the leader portrayed was Obama or Biden for example. What if the game was pro trump?

  • This article has a super weird tone and I don’t care for it.
    At any rate, Thatcher probably isn’t in Hell. She just doesn’t exist anymore, unless you include living rent-free in the author’s head, apparently.

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