Turbo Overkill Is A Retro Shooter Where You Have Chainsaw Legs

Turbo Overkill Is A Retro Shooter Where You Have Chainsaw Legs

So the classic shareware publisher Apogee is backing some interesting projects once more. The latest cab off the rank: Turbo Overkill, a retro shooter where you have chainsaws attached to your feet.

It’s called Turbo Overkill. There’s no official release date as of yet, but it’s coming to all consoles (last and next-gen) and PC, and it seems like gory sprites and fast movement is very much on the menu. In one of the better “announcement” trailers this year — always good to have actual gameplay with distinct features — you can see chainsaw sliding, wall running, a wide mix of environments that range from bright neon cyberpunk to something more akin to Prodeus, flamethrowers, shotguns, a neat dash and what looks like a pistol that charges up and blasts everything on the screen.

The backward dash/wall run/chainsaw slide forward looks like it’ll be a great combo and tool for speedrunning, too. There’s also “Hero Time” which charges up the more you dash and wallrun, which is a neat way of encouraging people to engage with the mechanics (as opposed to Just Press The Button When It’s Charged).

Also, the shotgun is called the “Boomer Shotgun”, which is just great.

Given Apogee got started by publishing a ton of early era shooters like Rise of the Triad and Duke Nukem 3D, it’s good to see the brand back in the space. And it’s also good to see that while the retro shooter market has more banging titles than ever right now, there’s still tons of room for more entries with more ideas of their own.

There’s more info about Turbo Overkill over on the Steam page. Extra details include having a grappling hook, a talent tree that unlocks by spending money earnt through kills, and firing mini-rockets from your robot arm?

Sounds pretty good to me. We’ll keep you posted as to when Turbo Overkill becomes playable.

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