What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
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While there’s always a compulsion to play something for work/content purposes, there’s also the odd occasion where it’s just nice to wind down with something that’s not work related.

My recent journey through Tales of Arise it’s long, but very good — had me hankering for another JRPG that I’ve wanted to playthrough, but never been able to get around to. (It’s not necessarily by choice though: I was expecting to play [redacted] over the weekend, but codes for that still haven’t come in, so I’ll fill my lockdown gaming time with another title instead.)

It’s Ni No Kuni, or specifically the PC remaster of the original. I spent some time with the game when it first came out on the PS3, but as was often the case with big games on the PS3, I ended up a bit frustrated. I got sick of waiting for all the loading times. I wanted to move around a little more quickly, lose less times to Drippy’s bullshit menus.

And it’s not like September has any absence of games to work through — I would have happily played Eastward, but the game’s hardlocked to 1080p on PC for some bizarre reason, which really does its art a huge disservice. Gamedec also looks excellent for anyone who loves RPGs and detective adventures, but I think this weekend, I need a little bit of fantasy.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Saints Row 2 (w/ Gentlemen of the Row mod), likely some DBD and Bloodhunt. Bloodhunt is kinda fun, but too many hackers. Much like DBD 😛 DBD is super painful since everyone got demoted to the bottom rank, which means much more likely to be paired up against toxic killers.

  • I will probably finish the post story stuff of Tales of Arise

    kind of debating whether to keep it normal or just flip it to story difficulty because these boss fights are literally a snore sometimes

  • No Man’s Sky, which I’m finally enjoying, Encased which rocks (playing an idiot, and loving the way other characters react), and Fallout 4, because Fallout.

  • I just played and absolutely loved Psychonauts 2 last week, I don’t typically play games on launch but being relatively simple for a modern game I didn’t expect to need any patches (which are completely understandable anyway because I’m not a drooling idiot who doesn’t understand game development and the complexity of modern games plus the limits of playtesting vs full scale). I would really love to start either Sekiro or possibly Forza Horizon 4 this weekend, but I’ll see if I have time, as a self-employed artist I don’t really have weekends, just days.

  • Not much, just a filler after finishing Rift Apart and waiting for Sackboy in the post.

    I bet I’m the only person playing Diddy Kong Racing DS on the 3DS… it was better left in my childhood.

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