Wild Halo Infinite Bug Creates An Endless Wave Of Wet Floor Signs

Wild Halo Infinite Bug Creates An Endless Wave Of Wet Floor Signs

It’s been said many, many times, but video games are very hard to make and stupid complex. So there will always be bugs. Some bugs are annoying and ruin a game. Other bugs, like some that are popping up in the Halo Infinite beta, are funny and just a hoot to look at it. Let’s look at some!

The Halo Infinite beta or TECHNICAL PREVIEW (I have to at least say the real name once or some Halo nerds will come in here and yell at me) is happening over the next few days. This follow-up to the last beta includes more content as well as some fixes and changes following player feedback from that first test. So far, things are even better than before. But as you might expect with software that is still in development, there were some bugs!

My favourite so far is a bug that has become quite popular on Reddit and Twitter. If you toss a dynamo grenade at a wet floor sign, it spawns more signs. It probably should just get destroyed but, for some reason, the game is instead creating waves of yellow signs. You can keep tossing dynamos and Halo will just keep spawning signs. Some players have filled rooms with these things. It’s wonderful.

Don’t worry. There are more videos out there on YouTube too.

I’m impressed that in most of the clips I’ve seen of people doing (and abusing) this bug, Halo’s performance doesn’t seem to drop too much if at all. I say, keep the bug in the game as a mutator or setting I can turn on with friends.

Another silly bug that has a much bigger impact on gameplay involves people swapping weapons while doing a melee attack, thus cancelling the animation allowing you to unleash a flurry of deadly punches.

OK, once again, I get why people would want that patched from the main game, but 343 hear me out: Keep this in the game as an option so that my friends and I can have dumb and crazy fistfights while waves of endless wet floor signs rain down around us.

Or fix it. Whatever.

Halo Infinite releases on December 8, 2021, for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC and will be available on day one via Microsoft’s Game Pass. When it launches it will not include a campaign co-op. 343 plans to add that mode sometime in 2022.

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