Will Wright’s Proxi Is An ‘Innovative’ Blockchain NFT Game

Will Wright’s Proxi Is An ‘Innovative’ Blockchain NFT Game

Will Wright is the legendary designer best known for SimCity, The Sims and Spore. His latest game endeavour? A blockchain-based mobile game called Proxi that’s filled with NFTs.

Proxi sounds like a promising enough game on paper. In it, you go on a journey of “self-discovery” by creating mini dioramas that represent your memories, thoughts and feelings using in-game assets created by developers Gallium Studios. By creating this digital version of yourself, you’ll then be able to analyse your persona and interact with your own subconscious within Proxi‘s wider world.

Sadly, it does appear this Dreams-like setup will be at the mercy of “memory objects” that take the form of NFTs.

Players will use unique NFTs and other in-game items to create their worlds, and they’ll then be able to monetise them and sell them in the game. So if you’ve ever wanted to package up your life story and sell it to the highest bidder, Proxi has you covered.

proxi nfts will wright
Image: Proxi / Gallium Studios

Users interested in everything Proxi has to offer now have the chance to pre-order NFT bundles ahead of release, with packs ranging from $US50 ($70) to $US10 (14). Each includes a number of ‘unique’ memory object NFTs to help build your in-game world, a commemorative NFT, and a special community NFT that will unlock “upcoming community benefits”.

“Will has reshaped our idea of what a video game can be time and time again,” Josh Williams, Forte’s CEO and co-founder said in a press release. “With Proxi, he’s not just creating a breakthrough experience, he’s reinventing the very way games can be made by giving the community ownership of the content they create.”

But despite how ‘groundbreaking’ the ideas behind Proxi seem, there are a number of challenges with its gameplay model.

NFTs have long been the subject of controversy, for a variety of reasons. Environmental concerns about the energy output required for NFTs are still yet to be fully addressed. The idea of ‘ownership’ is also still very loose, particularly in the context of modern law and copyright.

While NFTs certainly have an audience, there’s an even greater one who fully reject everything they stand for. Proxi is wading into a mine with its NFT-based gameplay, and while the game itself looks promising, it’s likely users will be turned off by its use of blockchain technologies.

You can make your own judgement call by learning more about the game here, but be wary the game’s NFT presale system appears to be part of a slippery, microtransaction-filled slope.


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