World Of Warcraft Achievements Remove References To Hoes, Giant Sacks

World Of Warcraft Achievements Remove References To Hoes, Giant Sacks
Ho, ho, oh no. (Illustration: Blizzard)

In late July, in response to California’s lawsuit accusing Activision Blizzard of fostering an environment of harassment and discrimination against female employees, Blizzard announced it was taking steps to remove inappropriate content and references from World of Warcraft. Two of those changes surfaced in an early build of the upcoming 9.1.5 patch, which changes the name of two achievements so they no longer reference the phrase “bros before hoes” and large testicles.

World of Warcraft has a long and storied history of creating quests and achievements containing puns, plays on words, or pop culture references, which haven’t always been in the best of taste. With scrutiny against Activision Blizzard at an all-time high following the lawsuit and every horrible thing that came after, it’s a good time to start making changes, even small ones. Shortly after the July announcement, references to former WoW developer Alex Afrasiabi, specifically named in the lawsuit and tied to the infamous BlizzCon “Cosby Suite,” were removed from the game.

Blizzard’s next target looks to be racy achievement names. As posted in the Icy Veins forum over the weekend:

  • “My Sack is Gigantique” has been renamed to “My Storage is Gigantique”.
  • “Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho’s” has been renamed to “Holiday Bromance”.

The first of the two, “My Sack is Gigantique,” involves equipping the “Gigantique” bag from an NPC named Haris Pilton. The second, “Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho’s,” is actually a festive holiday achievement in which you have to use mistletoe on eight Alliance NPCs with the title “Brother.”

Only two small changes, but it’s a start. Patch 9.1.5 is still months away and these changes are from a really early version, so there’s a chance more renamed quests and achievements could be added to the update down the line.


  • They should also change the title of “Warcraft” to “Disagreementcraft’.

    And remove the option for white males. The amount of privilege they get in the game is disgusting and offensive and has gone on for too long!

        • oh were you looking for people to take you seriously? it seemed to me that you were just here to make a bad faith argument with a joke that stopped being funny a decade ago. I didn’t realise this was your contribution to a wider debate, my mistake!

          • I’m sorry. What joke are you referring to? I’m referring to this pathetic company that protecting and promoting sexist / rape culture for over a decade trying to act like it suddenly cares with minimalistic and shallow gestures like this stunt.

            When you want to bring something intellectual to the table, I’ll be all ears. Atm you seem to not even be aware what it is you’re even commenting about or on.

            More power to you though. I envy that kind of ignorance.

  • Given online toxicity of the competitive gaming elements and the God awful shit talking conspiracy theory trolling in General chat… removing a spit emote and renaming a few things is not going to solve anything.

    • I know right. You can tell they’ve obviously changed now. Only took a suicide and full investigation for them to realise this kind of behaviour needs to stop!

  • Man, gotta love how a few token changes to years old achievements has totally removed the decades of sexual harassment from the company.

    • And? You prefer they don’t do anything at all? At some point change has to come, and no matter what they do, no matter what action, or ‘token’ changes they do in the this moment, they will always be ‘too late’.

      Nothing they ever do will remove the history, but change has to start somewhere, no matter how flippant or unimportant these individual acts are, on ONE level.

      thats what your comment misses, the other more constructive social changes that have already started to occur. You make it seem like you THINK, these are the sum total of their efforts.

      • I think you’ve missed the point that everyone else is also making – them making token changes instead of addressing the actual problem is where everyone has an issue. We know for a fact that there’s accused racists, who harassed two Mexican employees, still happily working at Blizzard even after publications (supported by other co-workers as well) about their behaviour were released. There was no investigation, no queries, nada. Blizzard, instead of dealing with saucy jokes no one cares about, should deal with the arseholes who still work at their company. You know, making an actual changes instead of making these pointless cosmetic changes that no one cares about.

  • Except now Holiday Bromance is both homophobic and misogynistic. Perhaps we should completely sanitise it to be Holiday Platonic Friendship Between Two Beings (Not everyone is human) Of Whichever Gender They Identify With.

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