Alan Wake Remastered’s Hidden QR Codes Are Hinting At A Sequel

Alan Wake Remastered’s Hidden QR Codes Are Hinting At A Sequel

Alan Wake Remastered is a gorgeous update to one of gaming’s best tales, but it’s not just the character models and environments that’ve been given a facelift. On billboards and posters around Bright Falls, old advertising and text has been given a facelift — and around some of these posters, you’ll now find a curious sight: QR codes that can be translated with your phone.

This article will contain spoilers for what these QR codes reveal, so if you’d prefer to go in fresh, it’s best to avoid reading further. If you’re looking to find every code for yourself, our pals at Newsweek have a very handy guide.

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You can spot the first QR code in the opening moments of the game, following an attack by the Taken.

Head to the nearest noticeboard and you’ll find a juicy QR code waiting for you near a poster of Thomas Zane.

qr code alan wake remastered
Screenshot: Gamepur / Remedy

When you scan the image with your phone, you’ll be led to a mystery video on YouTube which features new footage of Wake at his desk, narrating his predicament from beneath the lake. These vignettes are filmed in the same style as Control‘s Easter eggs, but they do appear to be brand new.

Several of these videos are scattered throughout the game, with each revealing more about Wake and how he’s able to channel the darkness into creating new beings. (The videos will also delight fans who theorised Jesse Faden was a hero written to life by Wake.)

They don’t advance the story beyond what we already know, but the new footage should excite fans looking for clues and franchise connections. There’s plenty to dive in with here, and it’s great to see new content being actively worked on as rumblings grow about the future of Remedy’s extended universe.

In addition to these QR codes, the game also retains its original closing credits tease which says: “Alan Wake’s journey through the night will continue.” Combined with Remedy’s recent Epic Games deal, reports the company is working on multiple projects, and the hints in Control and its AWE expansion — it’s clear that Alan Wake will rise again.

It’s been 10 years since the original game concluded on a cliff-hanger, and fans have waited patiently for more. While the excellence of Control was enough to whet the appetites of many, it appears Alan will finally get his chance in the sun once more. Fans deserve to see how his story ends.

Alan Wake Remastered is now available for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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