Aussie Broadband Has A Free Month Deal For NBN 250, NBN 1000 Plans

Aussie Broadband Has A Free Month Deal For NBN 250, NBN 1000 Plans
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If you’re already going to pay for good internet, why not get $129 or $149 off while you’re at it?

That’s the deal that’s just come online this week for NBN 250 and NBN 1000 customers. Aussie Broadband — a favourite around these parts for their Australian call centres and customer support — typically offers a one-month free deal for new customers, but it’s typically never available beyond NBN 100.

The deal means that you can effectively get $129 off a NBN 250/25 plan, or $149 off the NBN 1000/50 plan. The price is $129 or $149 a month after that, with unlimited data on both plans. (You’ll also want to use the FASTMONTH checkout code to redeem the free month deal.)

Here’s all of Aussie Broadband’s current NBN offerings, with the NBN 250/1000 plans at the bottom.

If you’re wondering how that stacks up against the competition, here’s what the current crop of NBN 250/25 plans is like.

And for those with a need for gigabit speed — or as close as is practical on Australian NBN connections — here’s what else is out there.

The big advantage with Aussie here — and partially why their premium is higher especially on the NBN 1000 side — is that higher guaranteed minimum speeds. Other ISPs offer higher savings on the NBN 250 and 1000 level if you look: Superloop’s $30/month discount on their NBN 250 plan means you’ll save $180 over the course of six months, whereas Aussie’s first free month deal only saves you $125.

And if you’re after the cheapest possible deal? MyRepublic are currently offering $105/month for the first six months, with the price rising to $139/month afterwards. That’s around the cost of most top-tier NBN 100 plans — a few dollars cheaper if you’re looking for 100/40 connections. And you can always change providers after six months, hopping onto the next available deal or discount with a reliable provider.

That’s the nice thing about where Australian internet is right now. Sure, we’re not Japan and it’s a little embarrassing looking at how good New Zealanders have it. But the amount of competition is at least pretty good, speeds are nice and consistent, and churning from one NBN provider — as long as you have your own modem/router — is pretty painless these days.

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