Battlefield 2042’s Open Beta Starts This Week

Battlefield 2042’s Open Beta Starts This Week
Image: EA DICE

Battlefield 2042 was delayed, but only slightly. Naturally that mean the original plans for its September open beta got shuffled back, but the good news is you won’t have to wait long to get your wingsuit on.

DICE has announced the dates for the Battlefield 2042 open beta overnight. As is customary, there’s the “actual” open beta period when anyone can play, and the “early access” part of the open beta which is exclusive to those who give DICE and EA preorder money.

For those who did preorder the various special editions, Battlefield 2042 will become playable on the platform of your choice — or at least the platform you preordered on — from October 6. If you didn’t preorder, presumably becauase you want to double check if 2042 is doing all the right things, the open beta will begin from October 8 and finish on October 10.

Here’s the full timing from EA on when the open beta will go live, and shut down:

  • Oct 5: Downloads enabled for all players 
  • Oct 6-9: Early Access window (triggers Oct 6 at 9am CEST) 
  • Oct 8-9: Open Availability (triggers Oct 8 at 9am CEST) 
  • Oct 10, 9am CEST: Sunset

It’s not a particularly long open beta phase, but DICE has extended these in the past for various reasons: server issues, simply because they can, or the response has been surprisingly good and they’d like the train to run for a little while longer. I’m half expecting the latter will kick in, just based on everything I’ve heard privately about Battlefield 2042 so far (which seems like it might actually win out in the annual COD/Battlefield dogfight for a change). But either way, we’ll know how it shakes out from October 6 — and whether the Australian servers hold up well.


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