Bet You Can’t Guess All The Games Behind These AI Generated Images

Bet You Can’t Guess All The Games Behind These AI Generated Images
Image: Neural Blender

Let’s try something a bit different for fun.

I read a great thread on the weekend which highlighted this neat little website called Neural Blender, which generates an image based off whatever prompt you put into it.

People knocked together a Scribbletaku-style guessing game off the back of this, so I figured it’d be fun for everyone to try.

Rules are simple. Below you’ll see a bunch of images. All you have to do: guess in the comments what game each image is trying to represent. I say trying, because the images are generated by machine learning which is going through hundreds of iterations on what it thinks that prompt is trying to represent.

Good luck! Fair warning: I don’t think anyone will get all of these. I did pay for the premium version so there are higher res versions of the images, so you’ve got plenty of detail to work with.

Still, if anyone actually gets game 4, you deserve some sort of prize. Don’t ask me what though.

Update 12/10: So most of you have done well — but nobody has got them all yet. I’ve posted some answers in the comments – see if you can get the rest!

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5

Game 6

Game 7

Game 8

Game 9

Game 10

Good luck!


  • Elite/Star Citizen
    Unreal Tournament/Quake
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Breath of the Wild
    XCOM Chimera Squad

  • Ugh. Stupid enter key, kill that previous dud comment of mine if you can.
    Game 1: Star Citizen (No clue. Also, lol, you said they were of games, so I’m wrong right off the bat)
    Game 2: Wipesout
    Game 3: Morrowind
    Game 4: I want to say it’s some kind of RTS… but all those blurred faces make me think something a ton of streamers would have done… Five Nights at Freddy’s?
    Game 5: Cyberpunk 2077 (No clue on this one tbh)
    Game 6: Far Cry Primal? (Honestly no idea on this either)
    Game 7: Horizon Zero Dawn
    Game 8: XCOM Enemy Unknown
    Game 9: Ashes of the Singularity
    Game 10: Dragon Age Inquistion

  • Game 1 is something space simmy I suspect. Let’s guess Star Citizen.

    Game 2 gives me Wipeout vibes but I feel like if you said wipeout to an AI it would throw up surfing references… so I’m guessing F Zero.

    Game 3 almost looks like an Unreal Tournament 99 level, the one with the nudes of the angel/devil… you know the one. So UT is my guess.

    Game 4 looks like an RTS but I have no idea which one.

    Game 5 looks like a night club or something, but again no idea.

    Game 6 has to be Horizon: Zero Dawn, right? That sure looks like a robot animal and a red haired humanoid.

    Game 7, from the colour palette alone my guess is Breath of the Wild.

    Game 8, no idea again. Colours kind of remind me of XCOM (2).

    Game 9, looks like another RTS. Starcraft perhaps?

    Game 10: Mountain Dew: The Game.

  • 1 Mass Effect
    2 Wipeout
    3 Wolfenstein
    4 Sim City
    5 CP2077
    6 Horizon Zero Dawn
    7 BOTW
    8 Overwatch
    9 StarCraft
    10 Neverwinter Nights

  • 1. Eve Online
    2. Wipeout
    3. Duke Nukem
    4. Farming Simulator
    5. Prototype 2
    6. Horizon Zero Dawn
    7. No Mans Sky
    8. XCOM2
    9. Recore
    10. Warframe

  • Game 1: Star Citizen
    Game 2: Wipeout
    Game 3: Unreal Tournament
    Game 4: Warcraft (RTS)
    Game 5: Mass Effect
    Game 6: Horizon Zero Dawn
    Game 7: Zelda – Breath of the Wild
    Game 8: UFO Enemy Unknown
    Game 9: Starcraft
    Game 10: Guild Wars

    • After seeing other people’s answers, I think I agree that
      3 = Unreal Tournament
      6 = Horizon Zero Dawn
      7 = Breath of the Wild

      If 10 isn’t Inquisition, then I’m going to say that AI is deliberately being misleading.

  • Game 1: Stellaris
    Game 2: Wipeout
    Game 3: Unreal Tournament
    Game 4: Among Us
    Game 5: Destiny
    Game 6: Horizon Zero Dawn
    Game 7: Breath of the Wild
    Game 8: Halo Infinite
    Game 9: Starcraft
    Game 10: Dragon Age (copied from amstradhero – I had no idea)

  • Pretty sure 7 is Breath of the Wild but no idea about any of the others. Unless 2 is a Wipeout game and 3 is one of the Unreals.

  • The only one I’m 100% sure on is Number 7 as Breath of the Wild. No other game has that colour scheme.
    Is Number 5 the final boss from Majora’s Mask…? ????

  • Elite: Dangerous
    G1 Jockey
    Breath of the wild
    Command and Conquer: Red Alert
    Dragon Age: Inquisition

  • 1. Descent Freespace
    2. Wipeout
    3. Forsaken
    4. Civilisation (most likely 5)
    5. Mass Effect (I think it was 2 which most prominently featured a night club).
    6. Starsiege Tribes/a Tribes game
    7. Titanfall
    8. Destiny 2
    9. Which RTS to pick? On account of the sand dunes I pick Dune
    10. Crysis

  • So I’ll give you all some freebies. Half, because I’m super generous.

    1. Star Citizen (I think Elite was close enough on this, though)
    2. Wipeout
    3. Unreal Tournament
    7. Breath of the Wild
    10. Dragon Age Inquisition

    Good job if you got these!

    *Nobody* has got game 4 yet. Not even close. (It’s a game from this year.)
    A lot of you are close on game 9, but wrong genre. But not far off genre-wise either.

    See if you can get the other 5 today!

  • Elite dangerous
    Track mania
    Shane warne cricket
    Breath of the wild
    Mass effect
    Matrix Online

      • Huh, wasn’t 100% sure – but looking at the other confirmed answers you start to get a feel for how it builds the images and where it sources them from. So whereas a lot of Horizon Zero Dawn image searches show the actual game, searching for Disco Elysium doesn’t bring up as much ‘in game’ imagery, instead it’s a lot of character art, which is often in that angled/trippy colourful style.

        #4 is illusive still, unless it’s a trick answer and it actually is a board game, since the intro didn’t specify video games…?

        • #4 is absolutely a video game.

          It’s a game from this year.

          Also, I think it’s the one where the ML algorithm struggled the most. I get where you’re thinking it’s board game related, based on what it generated.

          Here’s an added hint: think about games that have unusual … borders.

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