Burger King Japan Is Selling Beef Patties, No Buns

Burger King Japan Is Selling Beef Patties, No Buns
Not exactly the best presentation to be honest. (Image: Burger King Japan)

Who needs buns? I kind of do! But maybe you don’t. And if you live in Japan, you can get your butt to Burger King and order yourself a beef patty on what looks like a piece of paper. Mmmmmm paper.

(Maybe it’s not served that way, but the official image seems to indicate as much!)

As reported by popular Japanese video game site Famitsu, your source for Japanese fast food news, Burger King is rolling out a bun-free meal it’s calling On The Beef for 250 yen ($3). Yep, that’s one beef patty with salt and pepper.

Or, should you need a little more flavour, there’s only the Sauce On The Beef, which is, wait for it, an all-beef patty with sauce on it. Sauce choices include spicy, teriyaki, and BBQ. That sauce, though, will cost extra, with this meal coming in at 300 yen ($4). And note, you may only choose one of the three.

Over the years, Burger King has pulled all sorts of silly stunts, like offering hamburgers that traded bread buns for more meat. Other goofy ventures have included buns of various hues and even slathering Whoppers with chocolate sauce — the last of which was originally an April Fool’s prank.

But, you know, the more I think about it, this isn’t a goofy idea at all. Some people might not want to eat bread! Maybe they are on a strict eating plan or are just trying to avoid carbs, but they still want to eat a Burger King burger. Now that’s easier! So, hey, this might be a good thing after all.

However, Burger King Japan is only offering this for a limited time only, which is goofy. I mean, why not all the time? On The Beef and Sauce On The Beef will be available at locations in Japan from October 29 to November 4.


  • When I used to work at Maccas as a kid I’d throw an extra patty on and to eat on its own.
    Pretty nice without a bit of salt and pepper.

    I would also take in a jar of jam and container of sugar, throw it all on a cheeseburger bun and chuck it in the fryer to make Jam donuts.

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