Destiny 2 Fans React To Bungie Vaulting Forsaken

Destiny 2 Fans React To Bungie Vaulting Forsaken
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Forsaken isn’t the first and likely won’t be the last Destiny 2 expansion that gets culled. But judging by this morning’s reactions, fans aren’t ready to let Cayde-6’s farewell go that easily.

The move was announced overnight Australian time, with Bungie confirming that the Tangled Shore and the Forsaken expansion would be vaulted when The Witch Queen comes out next February. We won’t be saying goodbye to all the Tangled Shore’s characters or content, which is good because cutting it entirely would have meant losing a ton of things that don’t appear elsewhere. The Warden of Nothing strike will still remain, as will The Dreaming City, the Scorn, the Proving Grounds strike, and the Battlegrounds activities.

Importantly, Spider’s material exchange ability — where you could trade legendary shards for various space flowers and things you need for purchasing ascendant shards or exotics from the vault — is being transferred to Master Rahool in the Tower.

So what’s being cut exactly? Well, the story part where Cayde-6 dies. (But hey, at least we still get to keep Exodus Crash, one of Destiny’s worst strikes.)

What’s weird about the process is how Bungie has opted to chop all of it up into different pieces, rather than just cutting all Forsaken content entirely. For instance, one of the best hand cannons in the game comes from Forsaken: Ace of Spades.

So it’s interesting to see that as part of this Forsaken cull, there’ll also be a new bit of DLC from December 7, when the Forsaken content will become free-to-play. If you’ve already bought Forsaken, you’ll receive the pack and all of its exotics automatically.

Beginning on December 7, the Forsaken Pack will be available for purchase and will include access to the Last Wish raid and the Shattered Throne dungeon, as well as access to all of the Forsaken Exotics. The Forsaken Pack will also include three Forsaken Ciphers that can be used to instantly unlock your choice of Forsaken Exotics (not including raid and dungeon Exotics) via the Exotic kiosk in the Tower. Everyone who previously purchased Forsaken will automatically own the new Forsaken Pack and will receive the three Forsaken Ciphers directly in their inventory. If you already have every Forsaken Exotic weapon, those Ciphers will be converted to Ascendant Shards.

This part will really only affect those who have come into Destiny 2 from Xbox Game Pass, where there’s a higher propotion of new Destiny 2 players that haven’t stuck with the game for 15 seasons. And yet, still, for all those players going on that journey — Forsaken‘s story is still one of the best beats Destiny has. It was confident, it revitalised the game after a rocky launch. It was huge — no other expansion has been as massive as Forsaken ever since, and is ever likely to be, because Bungie is now independent and it doesn’t have the same access to support studios like it once did.

But most importantly for many with Forsaken: players paid good money for it.

Some players have accepted the change — if not necessarily welcomed — because vaulting is just now part of the fabric of how Destiny 2 works. (Not everyone buys that argument though, especially with games like Warframe that continually add expansions.) But in exchange, there’s been calls for Bungie to overhaul how Destiny 2 presents its story, especially to new players.

Being automatically dropped into the Cosmodrome when starting New Light, for instance, or running 15 lost sectors in Shadowkeep isn’t much of a story introduction.

Alternatively, some have suggested what most are thinking: if the technical debt in Destiny 2 is so great that sunsetting paid content is the only viable option the developers have, maybe there should be a Destiny 3 that’s better built from the ground-up to support the current live-service model.

Given we’re already into the 15th season of Destiny 2, and it’s four years since the MMO shooter launched, a next-gen only sequel in 2023 or 2024 makes a lot of sense.

Alternatively: given that COD fans are more than happy with Warzone and new releases totalling 200GB or more — and then there’s Flight Simulator and it’s enormous footprint on PC or console as more world updates, planes and livieries are added — maybe fatter updates aren’t such a bad thing.

“I would rather have a 300gb game with lots of content and stuff to do, rather than have a 100gb game with content that I paid for knowing it’ll go away within the next few years,” one user mused on the Destiny sub-reddit.


  • It is pretty disappointing to see paid content disappear and it has to be more than file size surely if filesize was the only problem we could just get an optional destination install that players could choose to install or not.

    I am not a big fan of getting rid of the content at all but if we are getting rid of stuff why was Nessus not the destination cut i would trade the two boring strikes of the inverted spire and the insight terminus just to make sure exodus crash got deleted.

  • All of the reasons in this article are precisely why I never went back to D2. If I wanted a pure and better FPS experience, I’d replay Halo, since D2’s story sure as hell isn’t worth it when they keep removing chunks of it from the game. WoW might be contaminated by the deviates who made the game, but at least it’s got 16 years of old content you can go back and do that’s been, for the most part, untouched apart from the Cata changes. When will these companies learn that having a wealth of crap to do for people who don’t want to play current content only improves the game?

  • Yeah this exact thing is what stops me from returning to a game that I have clocked over 1500 hours on ps & more again on Pc. It makes me sad but this seasonal content style is really just not for me.

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