Destiny 2 Gets Slightly Unsettling Goose Game Mask

Destiny 2 Gets Slightly Unsettling Goose Game Mask
Screenshot: Bungie / Kotaku

Bungie has changed up how Destiny 2’s annual Festival of the Lost Halloween celebration works this year, as well as adding a new pulse rifle, and scaly dinosaur armour. But this Untitled Goose Game mask is all that matters.

The Honk Moon Mask is life, and also a fun nod to the hit 2019 indie game about trolling humans as a goose who won’t shut the hell up. I can’t decide if it’s adorable or low-poly body horror, but I love it all the same. So kudos to you, Bungie, for coming up with a surefire way to make me come back to Destiny and spend the next week grinding for enough candy to buy it.

For those unfamiliar with Festival of the Lost, it’s a multi-week seasonal event where Bungie decks out Destiny 2’s Last City in cobwebs, Jack-o’-lanterns, and spooky glyphs. In previous years, the event revolved around the Haunted Forest, a remixed version of the Infinite Forest where players were hunted by powerful Hive.

Screenshot: Bungie / KotakuScreenshot: Bungie / Kotaku

This year, the name of the game is Haunted Lost Sectors. Players stand in summoning circles to bring forth Headless Ones, AKA Hive Knights with Pumpkin Heads. Candy, AKA colourful shards, rains from their bodies when you kill them. Once you kill the final boss you unlock a chest containing loot along with pages to a long-lost horror story. Hand your treats into Eva at the Tower and you get all kinds of other goodies in return, including the space Goose mask.

Gif: Bungie / KotakuGif: Bungie / Kotaku

It’s standard Destiny 2 fare, but dressed up with enough eerie and festive vibes to make it a fun diversion from the rest of the game’s grind, and not an altogether unrewarding one. Festival of the Lost is a great time to grab past weapons from the event players may have missed, like Braytech Werewolf, a great auto-rifle that’s extra fun if you get it with the Fourth Time’s the Charm perk.

Screenshot: Bungie / KotakuScreenshot: Bungie / Kotaku

This year’s new gun is the punchy pulse rifle, Jurassic Green. I’m not super hot on it at the moment, but the initial one you get from Eva rolls with the Adrenaline Junky perk which Bungie said it will be buffing soon. In keeping with the dinosaur theme, which won the player survey contest earlier this year, there’s also a new set of prehistoric Eververse armour. It’s neat, and can be bought with Bright Dust if you don’t want to shell out A$20.

The Honk Moon mask on the other hand? Priceless.


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