Destiny 2 Glitch Breaks Game, Will Get You Banned

Destiny 2 Glitch Breaks Game, Will Get You Banned

Destiny 2 has an easy to pull-off trick called the min/max glitch on PC that gives players infinite orbs and a host of other advantages that break a lot of the game’s big activities. Bungie confirmed over the weekend that it’s working on a fix, but in the meantime the developer is warning players will be “met with escalating restrictions” if they keep attempting it.

The glitch was apparently first discovered a group of players earlier this year, but over the weekend one member, a player who goes by JB3, went rogue and uploaded a video to YouTube against their wishes explaining how to pull off the relatively simple but devastating exploit. “DMG won’t respond to my DM’s so I figured I’d make this tutorial,” JB3 wrote.

But another member of the group, ghoustmiller, claimed on Twitter that JB3 had posted the tutorial as retaliation for Bungie banning them after using the glitch in a PVP match. “This is glitch is broken and powerful,” wrote ghoustmiller. “Do not use this; For the sake of your account and do not spread this traitor’s word.”

As a result, the min/max glitch is now out in the wild. It revolves around playing Destiny 2 in windowed mode on PC and holding your cursor over the minimise screen icon in the top right corner. Players have to hold it for at least five seconds, release it, and then hold it again to initiate some framerate issues that appear to trigger the glitch. “That’s it,” writes JB3.

Doing so right before popping a Titan’s Bubble or Warlock’s Well of Radiance will spawn a “shit-ton” of orbs, while doing the min/max trick right before other things in the game will extend countdown timers. For example, players can use it during the Vault of Glass raid’s final boss battle to make Atheon vulnerable for much longer so players can kill him in a single damage phase. The glitch can also be used to lag around in PVP, JB3 writes, messing up things for other players.

That’s why Bungie community manager dmg04 took to Twitter over the weekend shortly after the video went live to warn players against attempting the min/max glitch themselves. He announced that a fix is on the way but won’t arrive until a December update. In the meantime, a “rutabaga” error has been deployed to try and disconnect any players who may be trying the exploit.

“If players error out of the game numerous times, they can be met with escalating restrictions,” wrote dmg04. “So, aside from recommending you don’t negatively impact the experience of others by reproducing this issue, I also recommend not ruining your own.”

Bungie has been combating a number of other glitches recently, including ongoing problems with its Exotic fusion rifle Telesto, which was taken offline yes again earlier this month following infinite orb spawn problems. The studio also reported a recent uptick in Rutabaga errors, possibly because some players decided to ignore Bungie’s advice.

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