Everything Shown Today At Sony’s October State of Play

Everything Shown Today At Sony’s October State of Play
Screenshot: Gung Ho (Kotaku)

Today’s relatively short — even by livestreamed press conference standards — State of Play event was not the most eventful update we’ve ever seen, but here’s a roundup of everything that bothered to show up:

Deathverse: Let It Die

Upcoming arena battler Deathverse: Let It Die was announced today, and looks alright! The trailer showed off some melee combat and some amount of personality. Per the trailer it’ll launch in spring of 2022.

We Are OFK

This is an episodic narrative adventure game about a real indie band which is…interesting? Looks charming for sure.

Bugsnax (Update)

There’s a Bugsnax update titled The Isle of BIGsnax coming in 2022! It’s adding base-building and big “prehistoric” bugsnax, which seems neat.

Five Nights At Freddies: Security Breach

Wow, turns out these games look way better when not made by a weird Christian dude. Sony also announced the game’s December 16th release date.

Death’s Door

Very pretty Zelda-esque top down action RPG, Death’s Door is coming out on PS4 and PS5! This is great for people who love this game, and I am personally excited to play it.

KartRider: Drift

Do you like riding little karts? Maybe you’ll be into this! Regardless of your feelings, it’s entering beta soon.

The King of Fighters XV

The 2D-playing, 3D-looking King of Fighters XV looks gorgeous and is going into open beta on PS4 and PS5 on November 19th.

First Class Trouble

This is a multiplayer deduction game that looks kind of like group Hitman. Someone tries to make one of these every few years, and, aside from Among Us, they’ve never really taken off. Maybe this’ll be the one! It’ll be free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Star Ocean The Divine Force

This is a relatively pretty JRPG, with a long franchise pedigree. It, in all honesty, looks pretty bad in this trailer! But maybe it’s just an iffy first look. It’s due sometime in 2022.

Little Devil Inside

This game, if nothing else, has a really cool aesthetic. You’re a tilt-shifted bounty hunter! That’s neat. It’s very surprising to see something like this as the big closer for a small press conference.



  • About the only interesting thing is Star Ocean, however if they pull the same DLC grabbing that other games from 20+ years ago have been (Tales/FF) then they can go burn.

  • “Wow, turns out these games look way better when not made by a weird Christian dude.”

    Don’t know that was necessary…

  • Thought I was going to get an article about games and their release dates, not another attempt at bagging someones beliefs? Dude’s a christian, has some controversial views, who cares. Move on. In fact, you ended up giving him more publicity than you realise because this blew up online because of your comment. *Bravo*

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