Everything You Need To Know About Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

Everything You Need To Know About Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker
Image: Square Enix

As November 23 looms so does the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the fourth expansion for Square’s long-running MMO. We already know it will be the final chapter in the light and dark struggle between the Mothercrystal Hydaelyn and opposing goddess Zodiark. But what else can we expect from the FFXIV Endwalker expansion?

Fair warning: this article may contain some spoilers for pre-Endwalker FFXIV content, since it’s pretty hard to talk about a fourth expansion without spoilers. You’ll also find a lot of terminology in here that’s part of the fabric of FFXIV, or used by FFXIV fans, although reach out in the comments if you’re confused about anything in particular.

This is designed for those who have played the base FFXIV content and every expansion up to Endwalker. For those who haven’t played FFXIV before, but are curious, you’re best off starting with my beginner’s guide here.

Small note: All of the names, icons and mechanics for jobs advertised in Endwalker have all been translated from fans from Square’s recent Japanese Live Letters. These could be officially changed for the game’s English localisation, so just keep that in mind.

All the new locations in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

ffxiv endwalker
Image: Square Enix

At least five new areas have been shown in Endwalker so far, according to the official trailer and teasers posted on the FFXIV Twitter page. They are: Old Sharlyan, Thavnair, Labyrinthos, Garlemald and the moon (seen above).

Old Sharlyan

ff14 endwalker locations
Image: Square Enix

Old Sharlayan was revealed in the first trailer with a spiral or ammonite motif. Later on, we discovered Square will place the new area where Alisaie and Alphinaud Leveilluer originate from. Old Sharlayan will also be where the Archons of the Scions were taught. The archons are the scholars and include Urianger, Y’shtola, Krile and Moenbryda.


ffxiv endwalker locations
Image: Square Enix

Thavnair has mainly been mentioned through FFXIV items and clothing, although the dancer job class originates from there as well.

It’s a lush island with Radz-at-Han as its capital. FFXIV Endwalker players will meet Thavnair residents through the Matanga, interacting specifically with the Arkasodara Tribe. They’re elephant humanoids who are already part of FFXIV, found in the Azim Steppe and some treasure hunt dungeons.


ffxiv locations
Image: Square Enix

While it hasn’t been announced where in the world Labyrinthos is yet, the building design leads people to believe it may be related to Sharlayan in some way. What was revealed is that Labyrinthos is completely underground — the sky is a dome and has its own artificial sun.


endwalker locations
Image: Square Enix

Garlemald has been increasingly featured in every FFXIV expansion, but it appears that the players will actually get to go there themselves in Endwalker. Unfortunately, what’s shown appears to be completely ruined by civil war, so players won’t see the area in its prime.

The Moon

ffxiv endwalker moon
Image: Square Enix

Apart from the Moon being a location, not much has been revealed on this beyond the job class video and what was shown in the first Endwalker trailer.

Other potential Endwalker locations and beast tribes

Image: Square Enix

One other beast tribe has been announced so far in the Loporrits (pictured above). As they are a Rabbit beast tribe, fans are speculating that they’ll most likely be the moon beast tribe. Square hasn’t confirmed that will be the case, although they have said the moon would have a beast tribe, and there’s typically three beast tribes for every FFXIV expansion. (The Matanga are already confirmed as the beast tribes for Thavnair.)

There’s also other locations that are liable to be announced before Endwalker‘s launch. Meracydia has featured heavily in every FFXIV’s side content in every expansion bar Shadowbringers. It’d be strange not to see Meracydia in Endwalker. That’s especially since lead scenario writer Natsuko Ishikawa revealed that Endwalker‘s story would include the dragons, and Meracydia was a city created by two dragons.

Another possible location is Dalmasca. In the Stormblood Alliance raid, players went to the main city of Dalmasca for half of the first raid. The resistance side story for the Bozjan also references the Bozjan resistance and the Warrior of Light, so there’s a chance Square will want to flesh that out further.

The new races in FFXIV Endwalker

ffxiv male viera
Image: Square Enix

Male Viera

Male Viera were announced during FFXIV‘s Fanfest. The developers had originally said they weren’t going to add any more races to the game, but due to players requesting Male Viera and Female Hrothgar, they reconsidered. The male Viera will be included with FFXIV Endwalker’s launch on November 23 (or November 19 for those who preorder). No word on whether the Male Viera will have the same headgear issue as their female counterparts, though.

Female Hrothgar

After the announcement of male Viera, Square revealed they were working on female Hrothgar characters. They’re not finished though, so they won’t be available at launch. Square also confirmed they considered pushing FFXIV Endwalker‘s release to allow the game to ship with both of the new races, but opted to include them in a post-launch patch instead.

What’s new in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’s dungeons

The trust system is getting updated

FFXIV’s trust system, where players go through dungeons with their Scion teammates, will be getting an update. You’ll be able to roll with Estinien Wyrmblood allies, helping balance your party since the current options include two magic DPS casters and no melee attackers. (And no, Ryne does not count.)

Everything we know about the dungeon changes

ffxiv dungeons
Image: Square Enix

New dungeons and updates are coming — but Square has been tight lipped on the specifics so far, save for a video called “Dungeon Crawl” and a “New Dungeons” page on the Endwalker website. Some new art has been released, however.

ffxiv dungeons
Image: Square Enix

Three dungeons have been teased in concept art so far. The first appears to be a dark underground dungeon with a demonic motif, echoing a vibe similar to the world of Darkness and other darker-themed FFXIV dungeons.

The second, pictured above, looks like a Magitek train station, leading players to believe it’s located in Garlemald. The third appears to be split into multiple areas: one in a burning forest, another part in a desert-like area and a third located in a lab. It looks interesting, at least.

New high-end raids in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

There’s a new high-end raid for Endwalker that will feature Lahabrea, the main antagonist from the base FFXIV, A Realm Reborn. That’s all the details that are announced for now, though.

Alliance raids

The last two Alliance raids have been cross-overs, but the FFXIV devs have said the Myth of the Realm will focus on the Twelve this time.

The Twelve haven’t played an active part in FFXIV outside of character creation thus far, although they have been part of the game’s wider lore. It has been hinted that the Twelve did something amazing and were real people at one point, so it will be great to get a chance to learn more about them.

The new jobs and classes in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

ffxiv endwalker jobs final fantasy 14
Image: Square Enix

Aside from new locales, races and dungeons, two new jobs will be introduced with Endwalker. The melee dps, reaper and the laser healer, Sage.

The Reaper class


Reaper is a melee DPS class that uses a scythe as well as a voidsent. It has its roots in Garlemald where farmers were forced off their lands due to people who could wield arcane magicks. In response, the farmers picked up their scythe while making a pact with a reaper void sent to allow them to use magick they otherwise wouldn’t be able to use.

ffxiv endwalker reaper final fantasy 14

Reaper shares gear with Dragoon, which means it uses maiming gear. Its actual playstyle uses three gauges: a soul gauge, a shroud gauge and the Lemure shroud gauge. Attacks either increase the soul or shroud gauge while granting demon bells (or scythes). Demon bells/scythes can then be used to let the reaper possess players for larger damage dealing. It’s similar to the Dark Knight’s soul gauge or the Dragoon’s Blood of the Dragon and Life of the Dragon.

The Sage class

Sage is a shield-based healer similar to scholar and Astrologians Nocturnal sect. Their main ability is similar to the Dancer’s Closed position: sages can link to other players who will receive healing while the sage deals damage.

ffxiv sage
Image: Square Enix

The Sage’s main weapon is four flying lasers that heal, deal damage and create shields. Attacks will fill a bar called Adder’s Gall. Once the bar fills completely, a charge will be added to the top of gauge. The gauge can hold three charges and is needed for certain abilities just like Scholar’s Aetherflow gauge. On top of that, any of the Adder’s Gall enabled abilities will generate some MP.

Changes to jobs in FFXIV: Endwalker

In Endwalker, healers are now considered either a “barrier healer” or a “pure healer”. Barrier healers, Scholars and Sage, primarily deal with preventing damage rather than just healing it. Pure healers, White Mage and Astrologian, will have larger heals overall. To accommodate this change, Astrologians will no longer have access to Nocturnal Sect.

Instead, all their abilities will be of the Diurnal type. And if you’re raiding, you’ll require one pure healer and one barrier healer.

Monk and Summoner are getting major changes to both their classes in Endwalker as well. Both classes have been difficult to balance for the FFXIV team: Monk requires a lot of positionals (attacking from a particular area to do the most damage possible), much more than any class, as well as swapping between stances depending on bonuses. It made Monks pretty difficult and stressful to play, and the devs responded by changing Greased Lightning gauge to a trait so it’s permanently active.

Summoner’s problem was trying to do too many things at once. After starting out as an Arcanist, the job splits at level 30 into the shield healer Scholar or Summoner, a magic DPS. Summoner has an Aetherflow gauge like Scholar, but with two charges instead of three. It is also one of the only classes to have two damage over time abilities (DoTs). Summoner’s changes have been pretty stark so far, with Square removing of the tanking ability for Titan-Egi, a Summoner pet. The change made Titan-Egi functionally unusable, since the Garuda-Egi’s attacks now do the same amount of damage as Titan-Egi over an entire area, whereas Titan-Egi is only capable of hitting a single target.

So understandably, both classes are getting a substantial rework for Endwalker.

How Endwalker is changing FFXIV’s Monks

In Endwalker, Monk will now have an ability called Masterful Blitz. Using the already existing perfect balance in the Monk’s repertoire, it allows a player to execute three abilities back-to-back without the need for a particular stance or position.

The attacks will grant the player a Chi, or Chakra. What attack Masterful Blitz performs will depend on whether it’s one, two or three different types of Chi. There is also a light and Dark Chi that will allow a player to unleash another skill called Phantom Rush. And as for Greased Lightning? That’s being cut entirely with Endwalker‘s launch, which is a bit weird given it’s part of the Pugilist class story.

True Strikes and Twin Snakes have had their positionals removed, so that a player has four positionals instead of six, making it easier to maintain buffs. Continuing on that vein, Monks will have a new ability which allows them to teleport to an ally or enemies side, increasing the job’s mobility. The team didn’t reveal everything during the last live letter, so some questions won’t be answered until Endwalker launches.

How Endwalker is changing FFXIV’s Summoners

Summoners are getting an even bigger rework than Monks in the new expansion. Initially Summoners had to work on two minute rotations, starting by summoning Bahamut, filling the wait time with their abilities, summoning Phoenix, and then repeating the processes. It led to a lot of downtime, compared to other classes that had an optimal way of playing. So in Endwalker, all of Summoners’ DoTs are being removed, and the Primal-Egis are gone as well.

Instead, Summoners will actually be able to summon the Primals themselves for a large attack. It will then transform the Summoners attacks into fire, earth and wind-based ones. These spells will have charges and can be cast instantly. Some even have the ability to close gaps and perform melee attacks.

Along with creating a casting class that has more mobility, Square has added a really nice touch: every primal’s size is completely dependent on the size of the summoner’s race.

More role changes in FFXIV: Endwalker

Image: Square Enix

It’s not just jobs that are getting a substantial rework in FFXIV Endwalker, either.


Tanks will now be rewarded for using their cooldowns effectively. Not dying was a reward in and of itself, but Square has decided to add an extra incentive.

Ranged attacks will no longer break combos. This sounds minor but is actually a big change. Often when dodging an attack, a player has to either sacrifice their combo, often with added effects of healing or a damage buff, or get a few extra hits in with a ranged attack. Now players can do both! Due to the stat squash, any disparity between magical and physical weapons will be balanced so they are equal to prevent one having an advantage over the other.


All healers will now receive a buff to single target heals. On top of that, offensive spells will have their cast time shortened to 1.5 seconds. This means that healers will be able to help more with DPS when they’re not healing. The range of a healer’s limit break will be increased by 50 yalms. Yalms is an in-game measurement, so it’s uncertain of how big that actually is until players get their hands on it, but it could mean the difference between wiping and completing some of the harder content.

Level one and two Healer limit break provides heals for everyone in range, but three will also resurrect downed players. This means that during harder boss battles that the resurrect will most likely pick up every player in the area — a pretty significant buff.

Melee attackers

The Feint ability will now reduce both physical and magical damage dealt by an enemy, with physical damage getting a higher reduction. Ranged attack will no longer break Melee combos. The same as the tank role, a small thing that will have huge big impacts. It will encourage players to use their ranged attacks more often.

Same as the Tank role, weapons will be balanced due to the stat squash.

Ranged DPS

The cooldown of party wide abilities will be reduced to 90 seconds. Weapons will get a rebalancing as well, although more specifics are yet to be announced.

Magical DPS

There’s only one major change in Endwalker. Addle will reduce the amount of damage an enemy does, both physical and magical, with magic being reduced more. The Opposite of feint which was mentioned earlier.

Along with the roles, each job also got minor tweaks and updates. The job video shows what players can expect for their preferred job or class in Endwalker. There is a lot to the video, so this article will focus on what the FFXIV team have announced, as opposed to what they’ve just shown.


These two will get a new three-part combo starting with Confiteor.

Requiescat will no longer be dependent on the amount of MP a player has. It will always deal the same amount of damage despite MP use. Intervene, the skill for closing distances, will have its range increased by the in-game amount of 5 yalms.


AoE combos will now be able to trigger and extend the effects of Damage Up buffs. Previously, these could only be activated by using single target attacks.

Onslaught and Upheaval will no longer require the beast gauge to use. Considering that Onslaught is a gap closer, it shouldn’t have been locked behind the beast gauge in the first place. On top of that, Onslaught will now have three charges, allowing for easier movement between groups of enemies.

Using Inner release will allow the player to use a new attack, similar to how Life of the Dragon changes Geirskogul to the more powerful Nastrond.

Dark Knights

Salted Earth will no longer require a player to place it. It will appear at the characters feet, so it will be dependent on where they are standing, just like Unleash.

Living Shadow will gain a new ability, but only when you obtain one of the job abilities. (Square hasn’t provided more detail on this change just yet.)

Delirium’s cooldown has been reduced to 60 seconds, matching the 60 or 120 second cooldown rule introduced in a recent FFXIV Live Letter. And Plunge, the gap closer for Dark Knights, will have its distance increased five yalms, just like Paladins.


Cartridges will be increased from two to three.

Gunbreaker has a special ability that requires 4 places on the hotbar. The idea is that the player presses the first button in the combo which is Gnashing Fang, then Continuation, then Savage Claw, Continuation again, then Wicked Talon and finishes off with one last Continuation.

This is being changed so that Gnashing fang will change to Savage Claw and then Wicked Talon each time continuation is used. It means this combo will take up two places in the hot bar instead of four.

In addition to this, continuation can also be used with Burst Strike. Burst Strike used to be completely stand alone, so having something that makes it do more, is a great improvement.

White Mage/Conjurer

Fluid Aura will be removed. This has been considered a good move by the community: many had no idea the aura even existed in the first place.

A higher tier of Holy will be added, so prepare the sunglasses. (Holy is a very bright spell). Divine Benison will receive an extra charge. This is great for more difficult dungeons and content as it means shields can be placed on both Tanks in trials if needed.

Lastly, White Mages will also get another field area restorative spell. It’s not clarified if this is an AOE similar to Media, or if it is like the Astrologians Collective unconsciousness.


Being the healing version of Summoner, fans of FFXIV had hoped that Scholar would get a rework as well. Unfortunately, they just get a movement buff that can be executed inside and outside of combat.


The sect abilities will be removed completely and instead all abilities will take on the added effects of Diurnal sect. This grants the regen ability rather than shields, turning Astrologian from a pure or shield healer to just a pure healer.

Astrologian will get an extra card slot. From the job video, minor arcana will have its own card slot in the gauge rather than taking up space on the players hotbar.

Redraw is being changed so that it no longer relies on charges, but will instead allow for one redraw per card drawn. In a way, it’s like a second chance draw that you only get one of, so if you don’t get the card you want the first time, or the second, it may cause an issue.

Divination will have its effects adjusted and the player can use the seal’s effects on themselves. In the job video, it appears that Divination will no longer require 3 seals or consume seals.

Red Mage

After performing Scorch, Red Mages will be able to continue their combo with a new action. Verflare, Verholy and Scorch will all become AOE attacks in Endwalker, which is great because they are normally only accessible after a Red Mage finishes its melee combo. The Red Mage is supposed to be about balancing magic types, and only being able to choose one ability made the gauge lopsided.

A new defensive support spell that is party wide will be added to the Job. On top of that, all the attacks will no longer use as much MP.

Black Mage/Thaumaturge

The biggest change is that Enochian will no longer be an action, but a trait. This means it will activate automatically. Nothing was more irritating than trying to complete a Black Mage’s rotation only for the gauge to reach zero before using the next ability. Enochian would often be on cool down and as this is the only way to access Fire and Ice IV, the strongest single target abilities, it was infuriating.

Speaking of single target abilities, the Black Mage is getting more single target abilities, as well as extra AoE fire and ice abilities. Fire and ice everywhere! Switching between the two will be easier and when executed concisely will open up new attacks.

Sharpcast will also be given an added charge so it can be used more often.


Each of the Bard’s songs will now have a duration of 45 seconds. In addition to this, each song will allow the player to execute a different attack/ability that is reliant on the song being played.

There will be a new attack after Apex arrow, continuing the combo.

Wanderer’s minuet and Battle voice will have their recast timers set to 120 seconds.


A new single target attack called Chain saw and a shotgun AoE attack will be added. Cue the “Shotgun” memes.

The automaton Queen will receive a new action.

Reassemble will get an extra charge. Not much to see here, but it’s still more than Scholar.


Weaponskill effects, whether it’s single target or AoE, will be shared across targets. This isn’t really expanded on, so taking a guess, it may mean that a player can maintain the effects if they swap from AoE attacks to single target. This is completely a guess as no further information has been given.


Blood of the dragon is now a trait which not only frees up a space on the hotbar, but will mean the activation of its abilities and attacks are automatic. Similar to Black mage, this removes a frustrating cool down for an important mechanic.

Spine shatter dive will have their charges increased to two.

AoE rotation will be expanded. At the moment it is a three attack rotation, while a single target rotation is cyclical with a whopping ten attacks, thanks to the actions granted by Blood of the dragon.

A new job action will be executable if a player successfully completes the rotation.

Lance charge has been changed to a 60 second cooldown, while Battle Litany is changed to 120 seconds.


Huton ability will now be much easier to use. Normally a player must use three mudra charges and execute it. It is such an integral part of a Ninja’s rotation that it didn’t make sense to make it harder to access. Additionally, Huton, Doton and Raiton’s use will enable a player to use an extra skill. What those attacks are have not been confirmed yet. It’s entirely possible it’s the second lightning attack shown in the job video.

Shadow fang is being removed. This was a DoT that was hard to remember with a difficulty to place in a rotation. Especially when the rotation is important to help keep Huton active.


AoE’s can now use Jinpu and Shifu’s additional effects. This has appeared in a few of the jobs and classes where Single target benefits are now available to AoEs as well. This may change the unspoken Three or more enemies’ rule. Generally, it is agreed that you need three enemies for AoE’s to be worth it. This could help change it.

Iaijutsu and Tsubame-gaeshi attacks will now have a follow up attack available. Tsubame-Gaeshi will also have two charges, same as Meikiyo Shisui.

Third eye doesn’t just heal a player, it now also contributes 10 kenki to the kenki gauge.

ffxiv endwalker changes
AFK loitering like this is now illegal in FFXIV. (Screenshot: Square Enix / Kotaku)

Phew, that was a lot of little changes, but ones that appear to ultimately make most of the classes enjoyable. The FFXIV team will continue to tweak and change them as needed. Except for Scholar. It’s the least favourite child of the FFXIV job family.

What’s happening to housing in FFXIV: Endwalker?

ffxiv housing endwalker
Image: Martyr Igeyorhm and Seraph Altima

Ever since the FFXIV community has been working on the Ishgardian restoration, Square has said they will going to release housing in Ishgard. This was confirmed in Live Letter 65. There’s no information on how it will look, although it has been said that Ishgard will have the same number of wards as the other housing estates.

Housing has been notoriously hard to get in FFXIV. The current system has a placard system with an invisible timer. A player has to try and repeatedly buy a property because the timer is not visible, so all that can be done is to try and try again. Unfortunately, that timer can be up to 12 hours of real time. It’s a lot of clicking, leading to a rise in bots to grab what few plots are available.

The coming change is a series of wards and plots. Endwalker will be introducing First Come, First Served plots. They’re similar to how they work now but possibly without the invisible timer. The other ward type will be a lottery system: players deposit gil into the house they want, with the winner selected at random and everyone else’s gil refunded. It makes for a fairer system that won’t benefit bots.

There will also be Free Company wards and Solo wards as well. Square hasn’t gone into detail about how it will all work beyond this, but it should be a better system then what is currently available.

Island Sanctuary

Island Sanctuary is a new mode that is coming to Endwalker. Aside from the announcement during the 65th live letter, not much has been said. The current speculation is that it’ll be similar to Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, where players will focus on gardening and animal care.

Everything else that’s changing in FFXIV: Endwalker

Image: Final Fantasy XIV Online

Australian servers

FFXIV had announced the Australian and New Zealand data centre back in May. They have confirmed that the server is proceeding as intended and should still be allocated it’s 6.1 patch release.

Gold saucer updates

The gold saucer is going to get an update. The Developers have not elaborated much beyond that, but rumours are abound that it may be a large update similar to Mahjong. The player base is guessing that it may be the inclusion of Blitz ball, but nothing has been confirmed.

Removal of belts

ffxiv belts
Image: Square Enix

Possibly one of the most controversial subjects at the moment is FFXIV deciding to remove belts. Belts didn’t show up on your character, though, so they were purely stats. It means players’ Glamours should remain unaffected in FFXIV Endwalker.

Instead, Square will dedicate the slots normally taken up by belts towards rings and weapons. As every player wears two rings, two inventory slots are required to change class. It’s frustrating if you want to change to a different class only for the game to say there’s insufficient inventory space. So with the addition of two new classes, Endwalker will allow for more weapons that jobs can’t share, unlike other gear, so it makes sense they get extra slots.

Belts will become completely useless in terms of combat once version 6.0 is live. Players will still have options in Endwalker. They can still remove materia, sell them to shops, hand them in to Grand companies or desynthesise them. Players can keep belts if they want to, but they will just be an icon in an inventory, taking up space. Players can also get belts from the Calamity salvager if they get rid of one they wanted to keep. But again, it will be completely functionally useless.

Downscaling values

Image: Square

To coincide with the removal of belts, the stat squash is happening. Health, clothing and many other values will be decreased. This is to help balance the game with all the other changes that have occurred.

Removal of HQ gathering items

To aid Players in reducing inventory bloat, which is a major problem for anyone who has taken up crafting and gathering, FFXIV is removing High Quality gathering items. Usually gathering something would take up one slot in a players inventory, and a high quality version of the same item would take up the second slot. A player could decrease the quality of the item so it would stack.

Generally, High Quality gathering items made it easier to craft items. Square hasn’t said how this will affect crafters beyond the fact that high quality crafted items and clothing will still exist. Any leftover High quality items that are in a players inventory will be considered HQ in name only. Even if used in crafting or handed in to a grand company, it will be considered NQ and will receive no bonuses.

High quality items won’t just be removed from gathering classes. They will also be removed from monster drops, material obtained via tomesones or scrips, and non-craftable materials dropped from certain content. It’s not known what will happen to the Master title when high quality gathering is cut, so if you want it, best start farming now.

Increased rates

ffxiv teleportation fees
Image: Square Enix

With the removal of High Quality gathering items, the FFXIV team is anticipating that everything on the market board will increase. To help deal with this inflation teleportation rates are going to increase. Travel from the West to the east is usually capped at 999 gil. Under the new rules, teleporting from Limsa Lominsa to Kugane would increase to 1,500 gil. The cost of teleportation will depend on the distance the player is from the crystal tower. The further away, the more it costs. This is true for the First as well as the Source.

Data centre cross travel

FFXIV implemented cross world travel a while back. Players could move between worlds in their data centre if their friends were located on other worlds. Several areas of FFXIV already were a mix of Data centre players, like the Diadem or the Bozjan southern front.

They’re taking it one step further and are allowing players to travel to other data centres. Beyond travel being possible, not much else has been revealed. Either way, it’s an exciting prospect.

It has been delayed due to the world congestion, but the team are trying to work on it around the semi-conductor shortage and Covid 19 issues.

How much Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker costs in Australia

ffxiv endwalker price
Image: Square Enix

Now that we know what to expect from the expansion, how much is the game, and is it worth paying extra for the special edition?

Digital standard edition (PC)

The digital standard edition of Endwalker includes a Wind up Palom minion, a Menphina earring that grants a 30 percent experience boost for Disciple of war and magic classes. If you preorder, you’ll also get early access to Endwalker. That’s tentatively set for November 19, but could be subjected to change.

It’s currently available for $52.99 through Square Enix’s online store, or $59.95 via Steam and other online merchants. For those who don’t preorder, Endwalker will unlock on September 23.

Digital standard edition (PS4/PS5)

For those playing on console, your best option right now is through the PlayStation Store. It’ll cost you $67.95 for the PS4/PS5 edition. It’s possible more retailers will begin offering physical copies closer to launch, but for now digital is your best bet.

Digital collector’s edition (PC)

The collector’s edition includes everything from the standard edition, plus an Arion Mount which is designed to match the Paladin, Endwalker’s signature class. You’ll also get Porom, an extra minion that’s the twin of Palom, and a death scythe from FFXI that’s exclusive for the Reaper class.

At the time of writing, the Humble Store and Square Enix have the cheapest prices for the digital collector’s edition at $79.95 and $79.99 respectively.

Digital collector’s edition (PS4/PS5)

Same deal here for PlayStation fans: your best bet is through the local PS Store. Whether you’re on last-gen or next-gen, the price is the same: $90.95.

ffxiv price australia
Image: Square Enix

FFXIV: Endwalker is bringing a lot of changes, as you’d expect for a brand new expansion. It’ll wrap up a story that’s been running since A Realm Reborn and the three subsequent expansion, but it’s also just the start. The FFXIV devs have described the MMO as their life’s work, with more stories to tell and no intention of stopping any time soon.

But just how far does Square intend to go? We’ll find out all on November 23, when FFXIV Endwalker launches across PC, Mac, PS4 and PS5, and from November 19 for those with early access.

Scree is a long-time reader and contributor from the Kotaku Australia community; you can read her previous stories here.


  • Cross Data Centre travel is exciting. I can finally have some of my aussie friends on the US servers come and play. Hopefully it means that the aussie data centre won’t necessarily split FC entirely is some don’t want to shell out for the transfer.

    • From what I’ve heard, transfers to Oceania will be free. Houses will be refunded.
      FC’s will not be though. They will have to reassemble on the OCE server.

        • I don’t blame you! I’m actually using friends plots to garden atm. I was going to buy a FC house, but now i’m holding off. May as well wait until OCE comes.
          It’d be nice if you could transfer the houses. =(

  • So aussie servers are coming with the first Endwalker patch rather than the launch of the expansion itself? That’s a bit disappointing. Been waiting for their launch to jump back into the game.

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