FNAF Movie Loses Its Director Amid Struggles To Please Scott Cawthon

FNAF Movie Loses Its Director Amid Struggles To Please Scott Cawthon
I wouldn't want to upset Freddy either if this is what I had to look forward to. (Image: Steel Wool Studios)

It turns out that not only are the Five Nights at Freddy’s creator’s politics problematic, it sounds like he might also be a touch difficult to work with. The film based on the series has lost its director, possibly because Scott Cawthon has a “final cut” mentality to the movie-making process, whatever that means.

In a small interview with Collider, Blumhouse CEO Jason Blum said that not only is director Chris Columbus no longer onboard, but the team has also written the script multiple times over in an attempt to please Cawthon, who has since retired from game development following his recent controversy.

“It’s really tough to crack,” Blum said. “We’ve written multiple scripts, and we’ve got where we’re threading a needle, which is doing justice to Five Nights at Freddy’s and making Scott [Cawthon] happy. The only way that we would go about it is giving Scott…I don’t want to do something that Scott doesn’t like. Let me say that a different way. I don’t have the right to do anything Scott doesn’t like. Basically, Scott has kind of like the equivalent of ‘final cut’ and it’s taken longer than I hoped to get the right story.”

This is the first substantial update on the FNAF film project since November 2020, when Cawthon posted in the game’s subreddit about the screenplays he has rejected since announcing it in 2015. In the Reddit post, Cawthon said the team decided on a draft dubbed “Mike,” and that filming would begin in spring 2021. But it seems the project has undergone yet another setback in losing its director.

Still, Blum assured fans that the Five Nights at Freddy’s film is still coming, saying the team is “a long way from giving up,” and that he is confident Blumhouse Productions will eventually “figure it out.”

Cawthon drew the internet’s ire earlier this summer when his political donations were unearthed and shared on Twitter. The FNAF creator has given money to a number of politicians that actively engage in the marginalization and oppression of the LGBTQIA+ community. And despite apologizing in a lengthy Reddit post — dying on the hill that if he gets cancelled, he’ll get cancelled — fans were incensed to learn he’s handed dollars to people like Ben Carson, Donald Trump, and Mitch McConnell. Many have argued that there’s no excuse for supporting bigots, regardless of whether you have “friends in the community” or not.

Blum has yet to attach another director to the Five Nights at Freddy’s film. Meanwhile, the next entry in the game series, Security Breach, is supposed to launch this year on PC and PlayStation consoles.


  • From the tone, I guess that the author isn’t aware of the concept of contracts which give the creators final veto rights over adaptations of their works. Its not a completely unusual concept. For added hilarity they make it sound like its something that Scott is making up when the quote from Blumhouse is quite clear that its a right he’s been given.

    • That doesn’t seem like it would work at all? Why would you sign a contract when the creator can just veto something you may have already spent hundreds of thousands in pre production?

    • Reading these articles must take you twice as long as everyone else with the amount of reading between the lines you do. I got a completely different “tone” from this article, for example where did the author suggest this was “something Scott is making up”, when you follow that statement with how the author included a quote that clearly shows it wasn’t?

  • Either this movie will never get made, or will come out as incomprehensible gibberish that won’t connect with anyone.

    I really beg people to understand the difference between story and lore, and trying to adapt lore into story is the easiest way to ruin both.

  • and the first paragraph loses it. yes, yes Scott donated to political opponents you don’t like. big woop. lots of people did. they aren’t evil and walking down they street you’d never know.

    now difficult to work with… well I mean have you heard of Kubrick? that’s difficult to work with and yet still get’s praise anyway. besides, usually when people want nothing to do with the original creator being involved the movie becomes a turd. ask any Percy Jackson fans.

    • Funny you would use Kubrick as an example considering he altered the source material of all his adaptations, often in ways that the original authors didn’t agree with, and the result were films often considered masterpieces (not “turds”, as you put it)

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