Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Priced, Dated And Rated

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Priced, Dated And Rated
Image: Rockstar Games
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After Kotaku was the first to tell you Rockstar were remastering the first three 3D Grand Theft Auto games, all manner of leaks and rumours have flown around, until the developer finally officially confirmed their existence two weeks ago. Today, they’ve announced a release date — November 11 for the digital version — and the official pricing, that’ll make your eyes water. Oh, and still not a glimmer of footage.

Note: Footage of the game has since been released and can be seen here.

Rockstar’s official page for the games has just gone up, revealing that the trilogy of classic murder-fests will be yours in 20 days if you get a digital version on PC, Switch or PS5 (it’s somewhat ambiguous about Xboxes). For physical editions on all formats, it’ll be December 7 in Australia. Any of those versions will cost you a blistering $90.05 on PC, $79.95 on Nintendo Switch and $99.95 on PS4 and the Xboxes.

Of course, you’re getting three absolutely enormous games here, so 90 bucks might not immediately seem so bad. It’s just that we’re talking games ranging from 17 to 20 years old. And while the idea of playing through the extraordinary Vice City in modern-looking graphics sounds great, so far we’ve yet to see so much as a screenshot, let alone some video of the game running. Which is to say, announcing the pre-orders with less than three weeks to go, and slapping on a premium price, is asking players to exercise a lot of faith. (Of course, you should never pre-order anyway.)

The site also explains that the games have been remastered by Grove Street Games, the same Florida studio that ported the original versions of the games across to mobile. They’ve always done a good job with those, but again, it gives no hints how they might handle an update two decades after their initial release.


  • “so far we’ve yet to see so much as a screenshot, let alone some video of the game running.”

    Greetings fellow internet browser! If you’ve made it this far and are hankering to see some footage of the remaster, I’d suggest the rockstar website or any gaming site, not this one though they more interested in starting their articles sounding like smug dickheads than jumping on google.

    • Mate, I’m just going to point out that at the time they posted this article, footage for the game hadn’t been released. It was released 20 minutes before I posted my comment below?

      I’m reluctant to stick up for a lot of people, but hey I will for them here now, because it isn’t them sounding like smug dickheads at the moment when all they did was point out the facts…

  • Rockstar are being rather coy about the soundtrack, i think there will be a lot of gamers who will simply refuse to buy this version if is doesn’t have the original soundtrack in its entirety.

  • Not for ninety bucks, for the nostalgia, unless maybe they rebuilt it in the newer engine or maybe there’s ultrawide support.

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