Here’s What All Those Pumpkins Do In Pokémon Unite’s Big Halloween Patch

Here’s What All Those Pumpkins Do In Pokémon Unite’s Big Halloween Patch

Pokémon Unite looks a lot spookier this week, but the Halloween update isn’t purely cosmetic. In addition to new skins and customisation options, daily quests and challenges now dole out pumpkins. But the ultimate prize of the event might be a licence for the Normal-type Pokémon Greedent.

It turns out, the pumpkins that we saw in the Halloween Festival trailer yesterday are special currency that can be exchanged for Halloween-themed rewards. There are three ways to earn pumpkins. The easiest way is to log into Pokémon Unite from today until November 7. The second method is to complete daily missions from October 24 to November 2.

The third method is to compete in quick battles at the Mer Stadium until November 10. During that time, you’ll be able to use Halloween-themed attacks. Pumpkin Toss replaces your Battle Item, and it can debuff affect allied teammates. After you successfully “pumpkin” an opponent, you can use Pumpkin Push to shove them out of the way. When Pokémon are affected by Pumpkin Toss, they can’t score points or use their normal moves. However, they do become faster, and they have access to a special dash attack called Pumpkin Tackle.

Greedent, one of the available prizes in the event, pelts nuts at enemy Pokémon. While many mocked Greedent’s inclusion, imagine dying like that. Definitely a super embarrassing way for opponents to go down!

Some Pokémon, like Lucario, Wigglytuff, and Zeraora, have received new Holowear outfits in this patch. But the premium skin here will set you back $US40 ($53). This comes on the heels of a major September patch that made it easier to enhance items for free.

Other rewards include Battle Point Boost cards, Halloween-themed hats and backgrounds, and other cosmetics. The shop also now sells an excellent pumpkin head that your trainer can sport.

 But not all of the new updates are purely seasonal. Yesterday, new gameplay tweaks nerfed popular Pokémon such as Blastoise, Lucario, Slowbro, and Venusaur. Pokémon such as Pikachu and Garchomp have gained massive ability buffs, and other game-defining mechanics like Drednaw and Rotom continue to be tweaked. Pokémon Unite hasn’t been slowing on the updates, and Halloween is better off for it.


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