Let’s Check Out All Those New Killer Aussie Demos

Let’s Check Out All Those New Killer Aussie Demos
Image: Powerhoof

It’s Melbourne International Games Week, which means a whole bunch of demos for some very cool games are now live on Steam.

Some of them are new, and some of them are games that were playable before but people might have missed (like Conscript.) Either way, it gives us all a chance to take stock of where Australian games are right now, even though it’s really just Victorian games. (Stuff like Grow: Song of the Evertree or Len’s Island aren’t part of the Steam festival.) And we know from Valve’s own figures that demos often result in more wishlisting and more purchases for developers. So with a little bit of luck — and hopefully a direct promotion for Melbourne International Games Week through the Steam client, rather than being buried somewhere on an events page — Aussie devs will find a lot of success over the coming days.

Anyway, I’ve downloaded a bunch of Victorian demos and we’ll be going through them this afternoon. You can tune in from 4:00pm AEST to 5:00pm AEST. It’ll just be me solo, this time.

You can follow through the stream embed below, or directly via our Twitch channel. Tune in! It’ll be cute.

You can join our Aussie Discord server too! We’ve got a lovely little community going, and you can ping myself or Leah any questions, or hang out with the other TAYbies. Lot of chill, funny folk in there.

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