Litwick Is Cute, But Can’t Be Trusted

Litwick Is Cute, But Can’t Be Trusted

Every Pokemon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a ton of Pokemon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokemon! It’s Litwick!

Litwick Details

Type: Ghost/Fire

Average Height: 1′ 00″

Average Weight: 3 kg.

First Added In Generation V

Imagine you are out in the middle of some dark and scary forest. Your phone is dying and you don’t have a flashlight. You hear thunder. Soon it will be storming hard and you have no idea where the cabin you rented is or if you’ll even be able to find it. And now that you think about it… where is your car? Panic starts to set in.

Then, as if the universe feels bad and wants to help, a small flash of light from behind some nearby trees catches your eye. You run over and see Litwick, a tiny Pokemon that is basically a living candle. It smiles and waves to you with one of its stubby and cute little arms. It then turns and begins shuffling away, but stops when it realises you aren’t following it. It tilts its cute candle head, almost confused, and waves again with its stubby little arm. You get the hint this time and start following Litwick. The two of you trek through the woods and you feel calmer than before. The light from Litwick is bright and its cheery smile and adorable waddle help erase all the fear you had been feeling earlier.

After a few minutes of following Litwick, your mind wanders. You try to remember what this Pokemon’s deal is. All Pokemon have a thing. Some of them are evil. Others are stinky. Some are just really dumb. What’s Litwick’s thing? You start to think about it, but soon you feel a bit tired. Your eyes feel heavy and your feet now seem to weigh twice as much. The forest floor feels like glue. You can’t keep up with Litwick and start to lag behind, which it notices and it too starts to slow down. It… might have laughed when it spotted you slowing down. Why…

After a few minutes, you get your strength back, or some of it, and push forward. But now your whole mind feels foggy and soon you can barely keep things straight. Have you been walking for 20 minutes or two minutes? Rain starts falling. Or has it been falling for a while now? You stumble, but catch yourself. You stumble again, and this time the mud and your lack of focus take you down to the forest floor. Litwick runs over to you and now, with his candle so close, you can clearly see your hands in the mud. But they are wrinkled and not because of rain. Instead, they seem… old. You quickly run your old wrinkled hands over your face and can feel your cheekbones, your lips are now thin and cracked and your hair is starting to fall out. Litwick gets closer. That’s when you remember what its thing is, your adrenaline finally kicking in and providing you a moment of clarity.

Litwick uses its flame to lead folks into the darkness and then sucks their life from their very body. You read about it on Bulbapedia years ago. Now, wet, cold and alone, you realise (far too late…) that Litwick has been sucking your life from your body. Its flame is growing brighter. You kick at it but you are barely able to move your legs at this point, let alone offer up a solid kick. Litwick again seems to laugh and you notice your vision fading away. You can barely breathe. Your eyes begin to close. A moment later, you hear a man shouting for you. You wish you could yell back, but you know your dead. As you finally pass you watch Litwick run off towards the yelling man. You can’t warn your brother of what’s coming and die knowing he too will be drained like this. Litwick’s next victim.

So like, yeah, imagine that! Wild stuff.

Random Facts

  • Spooky stuff. Hopefully, your brother has a flashlight and ignores that deadly Litwick. Knowing my brother, well he’s screwed.
  • According to some stories, Litwick actually leads people into the Ghost World too.
  • Litwick is one of the best Pokemon names. It’s cute, sure, but it also clearly explains what it is and does it in a few short letters. Good stuff. Whoever named it, you deserve a raise or at least some nice scented candles.

Best Comment From Last Week

I love Shuppet. Just a weird little guy. Shoutout to Pokemon who are weird lil guys.


For real. More weird, little guys.

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