Minecraft Announces Mud And Frogs, Fans Go Wild

Minecraft Announces Mud And Frogs, Fans Go Wild

For as long as Minecraft has been around, there has been dirt and water. But yet, no mud. Or frogs. Well, that all changes next year when Minecraft’s next big update hits. It adds mud blocks, frogs, boats with chests, and new swamps. Fans are losing their shit over it all.

This year’s MinecraftLive wrapped up earlier today and like before, the event was filled with news about future Minecraft updates and content. And while a lot of stuff was announced, frogs and mud are easily the things fans are going craziest about at the moment. All this excitement, even though none of this content will actually hit Minecraft until 2022 via the upcoming “Wild Update.”

Mud in Minecraft works a lot like mud in real life. You add some water to dirt and presto, you got mud. Players will also be able to find naturally occurring mud in swampy biomes. If you create or find a mud block and place it somewhere dry and in the sun, it will eventually dry out and become clay. You can also add sand and wheat into the mud block to create clay bricks, which can be used to build homes and castles or anything else you want to make out of dried mud.

Frogs are also hopping over to Minecraft next year, as well as tadpoles. The frogs look great, especially the nice effect of their throat expanding as they croak. I assume mud and frogs can easily be found together. What a world!

There was a lot more announced today during the event, which you can read about over here. But if you check out Twitter it’s mostly just people collectively going wild over the mud blocks and frogs. A lot of this seems to be tied into some community jokes revolving around a popular YouTuber and also an (infamously) terrible Minecraft “review” created by former-Cinemassacre/Angry Video Game Nerd contributor Mike Matei involving “brown bricks.” It’s a whole weird thing.

But removed from all that, I think mud is a perfect new building material to add to Minecraft. It feels like it should have been in the game since it first launched. Instead, it took about a decade. Based on the community’s reaction, it was worth the wait, if only for the memes alone.

And to think, just yesterday we got Froggy Chair too. Truly, we are living in a golden age of video game memes becoming reality.

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