This Aussie Animation Studio Has Made a New Horror Comedy About Murder Drones

This Aussie Animation Studio Has Made a New Horror Comedy About Murder Drones
Image: Glitch Productions

It’s only a matter of time before our robot companions gain murderous tendencies and now a new Aussie series is putting those fears into animation. Sydney-based studio Glitch Productions is launching a new online series titled Murder Drones which is about, well obviously, killer drones.

The story takes place on a dystopian mining planet where humanity has perished and the AI worker robots who were left behind must defend themselves from the vampiric “disassembly drones” that are devoted to destroying all machine life.

Murder Drones is a push into darker territory for Glitch Productions, which is the studio behind popular animated series like Meta Runner and Sunset Paradise.

murder drones 2
Image: Glitch Productions

“We’ve seen our fans have an appetite for darker stories and that’s been great for us because it means we can explore more mature concepts that you might not associate with 3D animation,” executive producer Luke Lerdwichagul said in a media release.

But despite being pinned as a dystopian comedy-horror, it’s not all doom and gloom.

There are some heart-warming elements to Murder Drones, such as when rogue teen helper bot Uzi befriends N, the optimistic murder drone who has been sent to destroy her.


The trailer has gained over a million views since its release, proving we’re all pretty hungry for some murderous robots.

That being said, the design and style of Murder Drones manage to make those murderous robots look pretty damn cute. The 3D animation series was created entirely in Unreal Engine, which has resulted in some seriously stunning visuals.

The team behind Murder Drones includes Liam Vickers (CliffSide) as showrunner, writer and director, as well as Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul as executive producers. The voice cast features talents like Elsie Lovelock (Meta Runner), Michael Kovach (Hazbin Hotel) and Sean Chiplock (Breath of the Wild).

murder drones
Image: Glitch Productions

Murder Drones captures our voice as an animation studio, it’s the kind of series we want people to see and think ‘that’s from Glitch’,” Kevin Lerdwichagul said.

“It’s fun and wacky but at the same time, there’s this dark suspense in everything. One moment you’re laughing at a silly gag and the next you’re watching a robot get dismembered. That’s what makes it different.”

Murder Drones is an eight-episode series and releases its first episode on YouTube on October 29, 2021.