Netflix Releases First Proper Cowboy Bebop Trailer

Netflix Releases First Proper Cowboy Bebop Trailer
Image: Netflix

Production photos and an intro are OK for getting the briefest taste of the series, but Netflix’s first proper trailer for the upcoming live-action Cowboy Bebop adaptation has just been released.

Here it is. At 2:40 it’s a far more substantial look at how John Cho and company are shaping up in the roles:

However the series itself ends up panning out, that soundtrack is going to be a banger. The series is out on November 19.


Netflix’s Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Intro Is Good

I’m still not sure how I feel about this upcoming Netflix adaptation of the classic Cowboy Bebop series, but thanks in large part to the show’s classic “Tank!” theme song, the intro is a banger at least.

Cowboy Bebop’s Original Japanese Voice Cast Returns To Dub Netflix Series

Yoko Kanno, who scored the original anime, isn’t the only one returning to Cowboy Bebop. The entire, original voice cast is, too, who will be dubbing the live-action Netflix show’s Japanese language track.

First Look At Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop, Which Might Not Suck

We haven’t seen the actual show yet. It could still suck! But if we’re going to be superficial, it sure looks like Netflix is getting the look of its Cowboy Bebop adaptation sorta, well, right.

Netflix Cowboy Bebop’s Existence Now Justified By New Yoko Kanno Music

On Tuesday, Netflix announced that Yoko Kanno, the musical genius behind Cowboy Bebop’s soundtrack, will be producing original tunes for the Netflix live-action adaptation of the hit anime series.

Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Is Coming To Netflix

Cowboy Bebop is getting a live-action series on Netflix, with the anime’s creator Shinichiro Watanabe consulting. The Cowboy Bebop anime debuted back in 1998 with Watanabe at the helm. The live-action first episode will be written by Christopher Yost, who recently penned Thor: Ragnarok.


  • Ugh, I really can’t get a good read on whether this is going to be good or not. It’s like the Ghost in the Shell trailer, it shows the iconic moments but then intersplices it with a whole lot of scenes that make it feel like someone’s fanfic.

    So far it’s missing that “spirit” of Cowboy Bebop. The music alone wasn’t what made the show, it was the music and the way it tied into the action choreography whether it be the fighting, spaceship battles, or the manic chase sequences. That just doesn’t seem to be happening here, though granted it is just a trailer.

    Honestly, I feel like this is heading down the Spirits Within route. A competent series that’s going to be stigmatised by the fact that it bears the Cowboy Bebop name. I want to be proven wrong though.

    • I agree. The intro theme and lost sessions didn’t inspire confidence. This trailer seems to be much more in line with the feel of the source material but it still isn’t quite hitting the mark. I’m also curious as to how good it ends up being.

      Faye defo doesn’t feel right though. The characterization is really really off. I didn’t like Spike in the lost sessions but in the trailer feels much closer. I don’t have a good feel on Jet from what we have seen yet.

      GITS the actual shots were really good but alot of the dialog and characterizations were bad. I suspect we might end up with something similar with this. I find GITS watchable at least just for something live action so I’m hoping this ends up at least the same for me.

  • Faye looked incredibly miscast when it was first announced.
    That trailer didnt sway me from that thought.
    This is gonna suck.

  • I’m cautiously excited but I have to admit, for all the recognisable imagery, I’ve yet to see that unique style of cinematography that made CB just owned so well.
    (Not saying I want another Sin City but I’m hoping they’re able to nail that trademark feeling)

  • I have never watched Cowboy Bebop in my life, so I assumed this wouldn’t be for me… but the trailer looked kinda cool. I will check it out.

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