Play This Fantastic Resident Evil x Castlevania Game

Play This Fantastic Resident Evil x Castlevania Game

Resident Evil: Village has a spooky old castle full of vampires. Castlevania has a spooky old castle full of vampires. You can see where this is going.

Residentvania is a small tribute game made by OcO that is very good. The result of two months work, with every asset in the game being custom made, it plays and looks a lot like Castlevania, only you’re controlling Ethan Winters, not Simon Belmont.

Even the level design is a crossover, with Castlevania’s opening stage given a Castle Dimitrescu makeover. It’s available now on, controls with the keyboard and you can see a trailer below:

Via PC Gamer, here’s OcO’s official description:

The development time was a total of 2 months. Every asset is custom made, but the game itself is completely free and cannot be sold due to it being a fan game.

The first thing I thought while playing “Resident Evil: Village” was how much it reminded me of “Castlevania”, so I thought I’d make a mash up of the two. I chose the first level of the original “Castlevania” for NES, mixed in with the Castle Dimitrescu section of “RE: Village”.


Play This Fantastic Resident Evil x Castlevania Game

Just a few years ago, Resident Evil 7 marked a return to the series’ survival horror roots, setting a high bar for its eventual follow-up. While Resident Evil Village still falls prey to the series’ most pernicious problems, notably the inevitable swerve from horror to action and bosses that don’t quite match the strong moment-to-moment gameplay, those shortcomings don’t overshadow the frequency with which the game hits on all cylinders. Village may not live up to the potential of its immediate predecessor, but it’s a safe new entry in the series that induces the same entertaining anxiety as my favourite Resident Evil games and provides a few interesting wrinkles for where the franchise might go next.

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