Where To Preorder The Nintendo Switch OLED Model In Australia

Where To Preorder The Nintendo Switch OLED Model In Australia
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The Nintendo Switch OLED model was finally announced back in July, and if the console’s bigger screen and additional features appeal to you, the good news is you can preorder it from a bunch of outlets in Australia. At $539.95 it is a significant investment (and currently costs about $160 more than the regular Switch) but anyone looking for a better handheld experience will find it here.

There’s plenty of time between now and October 8 to make a decision but given the phenomenal popularity of the Nintendo Switch (particularly in the coronavirus era) you should consider just how desperately you want it now.

For a quick rundown, the major differences between the OLED model and the original are:

  • New 7-inch OLED screen
  • White Joy-Cons and Switch Dock
  • 64GB of internal storage
  • Enhanced audio
  • Wider adjustable stand
  • LAN port

If all that sounds like a juicy improvement, here’s all the Switch OLED preorders available in Australia. Note: This post has been updated with more links since its original publication.

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Image: The Good Guys


Amazon Australia is now taking pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch OLED, with both versions of the console going for $539.

You can pre-order the neon version of the Nintendo Switch OLED here, and pre-order the white version here.

The Good Guys

Sure, they’re technically the same company as JB Hi-Fi. But Good Guys has its own stock allociation, and they’re one of the few still taking preorders for the neon Switch OLED if that’s your thing. Here’s listings for both the neon and white Switch OLED, both for $539.

EB Games

EB Games is currently offering Nintendo Switch OLED model preorders for $539. You’ll need to put a $50 deposit down, and you can pay the rest off between now and October. Only the White version is available though: if you want the Neon Switch OLED, those won’t be delivered until October 29.

If you’d prefer to trade in your current Switch, you can also do that at EB. It’s offering the OLED model for $299 when you trade in your original Switch model plus two Switch games. A similar offer is also available when you trade in a Switch Lite and two Switch games, which will knock the OLED’s price down to $369.

JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi’s Switch OLED preorders are live, and you can also grab it for $539 in white or neon. It doesn’t appear JB Hi-Fi offers a deposit, so you will have to pay the full amount to secure your Switch console.

It also doesn’t appear to have a trade-in offer like EB Games — but you might like to head in-store and ask how much a trade-in for your console would be (provided you aren’t currently in lockdown).


Big W’s Switch OLED preorders are live now as well. You can grab the white model for $539 here, and the neon model for the same price here.


Kogan’s offering the same prices too, unsurprisingly. The Neon and White models are available on the same page for $539  — simply change the colour setting on the box to flip between the two.

Harvey Norman

Same deal with Harvey Norman, but don’t forget to factor in a few extra dollars for shipping. Here’s the Neon edition, and preorders for the White Switch OLED are here.


Target Australia has preorders available for both the White and Neon models of the Switch OLED. The price? You guessed it, $539. It looks like all online orders are sold out, however, with neither version able to be added to a cart at the time of writing.

The Gamesmen

$539 is the price here, as expected. You can find preorder pages for the White Nintendo Switch OLED here. There’s no listing live right now for the Neon OLED, but stock is still available of the white version.

Update 5/10: This story has been updated with the latest links and pricing.


  • Absolute waste of time I’m not getting the Nintendo Switch OLED model no bloody way.
    Is this really worth the value? No there is absolutely no excuse and you’re telling me that Nintendo Switch OLED model has a 64GB of internal storage a 7-inch OLED screen a wide adjustable stand a built-in wired LAN port and enhanced audio.
    Dude this is not the Nintendo Switch Pro it doesn’t make a difference.

    • It’s not the upgrade we all wanted BUT if you play mainly in hand-held mode I’m hearing great things. That said, the price point by far the worst part about this. It’s only $50us dollars more but for some reason switches are currently $370 here and the oled version is $540? That’s just stupid

    • It doesn’t make a difference to you. As for whether it is worth it, it depends what a person values. Personally the bigger clearer screen is very tempting due to my eye sight issues, so I can give my current to my niece who has wanted one for years. So the value the changes while disappointing, fixed one of the main issues I have always had with it, and the worth will be when I see my niece smile Thankfully she is still a few years away from the typical gamer cynicism… I don’t personally like something, therefore everything is terrible, for everyone.

      • This is basically my position, but replace niece with my mum and it’s basically the same position. I do have to wonder how they’re justifying that price point though when it’s largely the same crap that was in the original Switch.

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