Real-Life Squid Game Taking Place In South Korea, Minus The Killing

Real-Life Squid Game Taking Place In South Korea, Minus The Killing

In Gangwon Province, South Korea, a hotel announced that it will be holding a real-life version of Squid Game later this month.

According to The Korea Times, St. John’s Hotel in Gangneung will be hosting the event. The hotel’s official site is publicizing the real-life take on the popular Netflix series. The winner will receive 5 million won (A$5,707), which is far less than the prize money on the show.

The event is not only restricted to guests of the hotel, and all ages can join in. It costs 10,000 won (A$12) to register in advance. The Korea Times reports, however, that the event is already fully booked and there are no slots left.

Those who are competing will get a mysterious business card with a phone number — though, probably not with some random person’s real phone number. Then, they will go to a pine forrest near the hotel and compete in four games: “the Mugungwha flower has bloomed” (“Red Light, Green Light” in English), tug of war, “ttakji chigi” (paper tile flipping), and the “dalgona (flat sugar candy) challenge.”

The art used on the hotel’s website depicts Squid Game-style, pink-hooded guards with geometric shapes on their masks.

As in the show, those who don’t follow the rules will be eliminated. Unlike in the show, that doesn’t mean a bullet behind the ear. Also, the identity of the host will not be revealed until the end.

The Korea Times reports that the reaction to this real-life Squid Game was mixed, with some wondering if it violated the Netflix’s copyright and if it was a good idea to hold such an event during a pandemic.

This isn’t the only real-life take on the popular show. Another one will be held at a camping area in Wonju, Gangwon Province. Participants will don green P.E. uniforms in hopes of winning 45,600 points to be used in the online platform Frip. As with the St. John’s Hotel event, losers will not be killed. Phew, thank goodness for that!

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