Sony Threatens Dbrand With Legal Action Over PS5 Plates

Sony Threatens Dbrand With Legal Action Over PS5 Plates
Image: Dbrand

You might not remember since February 2021 was actually 19 years ago, but earlier this year phone and console skin makers Dbrand released a set of black PS5 faceplates. Not content with merely releasing them, though, the company also bizarrely baited Sony to sue them, and Sony is now obliging.

A page from Dbrand's site that knew this day was coming (Image: Dbrand) A page from Dbrand’s site that knew this day was coming (Image: Dbrand)

As The Verge report, Dbrand’s “Darkplates” have recently been removed from the company’s store, and any purchasing links now redirect to a page that only lists all the news articles written about the plates, including the Gizmodo story linked above.

Why pull them now? Because the company received a cease & desist letter from Sony, part of which says:

It has come to SIE’s attention that dbrand has been promoting and selling console accessories in a manner that is deeply concerning to our client. First, dbrand is selling faceplates for the PSS console (in both standard edition and digital edition configurations) that replicate SIE’s protected product design. Any faceplates that take the form of our client’s PSS product configuration, or any similar configuration, and are: produced and sold without permission from SIE violate our client’s intellectual property rights in the distinctive console design.

Second, dbrand is selling skins for SIE devices that feature the PlayStation Family Mark Your company may not sell products that bear unauthorised depictions of our client’s PlayStation Marks. The below still from one of dbrand’s instructional videos shows a dbrand skin bearing a design identical to the PlayStation Family Mark.

For their part, Dbrand have responded with a rambling corporate shitpost on Reddit, which opens with “much like your hopes and dreams, Darkplates are dead” before eventually settling into actual legal defences of their position, saying the plates don’t violate any existing trademarks. Dbrand suspects that Sony’s actual motivation here is moving to shut down competitors before revealing its own, first-party replacement panels for the PS5.

Note that this isn’t the first company Sony has gone after like this. CustomizeMyPlates were also forced to halt sales of their own coloured replacement plates in 2020, though in their case they resumed sales earlier this year and have been undisturbed since, perhaps because their versions don’t include tiny logos that look a lot like actual PlayStation icons.


  • Its really hard to care about them, they literally asked for it. They wanted to make profit off something they didnt create and for which there is a patent pending.

    • It’s amazing how many people don’t understand this. This isnt dbrand making a sticker, They are literally manufacturing a patented part of the PS5.

      *Sony Sues them*

      • Uh, I think you’ll find they have a rock solid case here, as evidenced by their crushing Reddit post.

        Yes, I am joking.

  • This reminds me of my son when he decided to headbutt the front door.
    There were tears but a complete lack of understanding that he had perfectly achieved what he set out to do.

    Seriously though, what the heck is Sony even doing with the face plates?!
    I can understand money being the driving force but surely we would’ve seen some being released already?
    The other thing is liability, which still seems weird because how the hell will we ever get them changed if Sony is afraid of anyone touching them?! Nobody* is sending their working PS5 in to Sony for bloody face plates changes.
    (*Nobody being me)

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