Sony’s Latest PS5 Firmware Update Sure Improves System Performance

Sony’s Latest PS5 Firmware Update Sure Improves System Performance
Image: Sony

Last month’s PlayStation 5 firmware update was the biggest overhaul of the tech since its release in November of last year. How does Sony follow that? It leans hard the other way with an exceedingly underwhelming update.

September saw the new-generation Sony console expand 3D Audio support to built-in speakers and added the ability to add M.2 SSD expansions, just part of a proper meaty upgrade on the almost year-old console.

It also made the Control Centre customisable, added screen reader controls, improved trophy tracking, and had a bunch of other improvements involving library layouts, challenge cards, and accolades. This month?

Grab a coffee, sit yourself down, and get ready to read through what Sony has in store the next time you switch on your electric game box:

“This system software update improves system performance.”

Well, there we go.

Admittedly, it’d have been weird if it said it didn’t improve the system performance. But it remains extremely odd that it doesn’t say how. Boast your bad self, Sony!

Even better is the name of the update. 21.02- You’ve gotta give them credit for that.

Word count for the patch notes on the last update: 1,610.

Word count for the latest patch notes: seven.

Image: Sony / Kotaku Image: Sony / Kotaku

The good news is the update is only 913Mb, which is a blessing for anyone who’s ever fancied sitting down for a quick half-hour with a favourite game, only to be caught in that morbid, perennial PlayStation situation of spending the entire time updating the machine.

Still, we can let them off after last month’s massive overhaul — there is, in fact, a very good chance that most of this update will be tweaking and fixing anything that got broken last time, which perhaps might be why they’re a little shyer about discussing it.

If you want to make sure your PS5 is running the latest software, go to Settings at the top right of the main dashboard, then System Software, System Software Update and Settings, and finally Update System Software. Ask it to update using the internet, and it’ll download and install all by itself.


  • Y’all ever seen a Nintendo patch notes??

    The old Kotaku grasp on slow news days is just becoming the everyday.

  • This is perfect Kotaku meta. A shitty article criticising a console system update for not being “exciting”.

    Hopefully we can get articles on iOS and Windows security updates too. That’d be awesome.

  • I don’t normally moan about the existence of blog articles, but this headline was annoyingly misleading. I naively thought this was going to be an article explaining, with praise, how a system update actually produced a meaningful and noticable performance improvement, and maybe provide some stats on it. Instead it was an incredibly tired rehash of the age-old snark over sparse and vague patch notes.

    We get it. It’s not just a boring meme that flaunts a puzzlingly proud ignorance of software development practices bundled with some unrealistic expectations, it’s also a very old meme. This joke has been done before. Repeatedly. And better.

    I have a suggestion for a good article on this subject: find someone who’ll do some actual analysis on the improved performance. Do some journalism, try to get some insight from experts or insiders as to what ‘performance improvements’ actually means, in detail, and how that kind of update provides a benefit worth pushing out despite no apparent customer-facing differences.

    That would make for a useful, informative, and frankly probably unique article.
    This article should have been a tweet.

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