Steam’s Having A Massive Festival Just For Australian Games

Steam’s Having A Massive Festival Just For Australian Games
Image: Valve

Even though COVID is sadly still a factor and we’re not all congregating physically for cons like PAX Australia, Melbourne International Games Week is still on. So naturally, that means the return of what’s grown into potentially one of the most important parts of the week for local developers: a big ‘ol festival on Steam.

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Image: Valve

It’s not quite the same as a couple of years ago when the PAX Australia event page appeared on the front of the Steam website and the Steam client. That’s obviously a much bigger deal in terms of visibility given the 25 million-plus monthly active user accounts, especially when you’re a developer for whom 10,000 or 20,000 sales could be enough to keep the lights on for the next project.

But even that aside, it’s just fascinating to see the breadth of Australian games. And these are just games from Victoria. You won’t see Unpacking on the landing page, or the brilliant Webbed, the upcoming Dinkum or Len’s Island, although those games are obviously still launching through Valve’s digital marketplace.

It’s also just a great chance to discover a lot of games that haven’t gotten a lot of noise yet. Like Trash, an open-world co-op adventure from 15 Minutes of Game:

Or The Last Stand: Aftermath, an isometric roguelite zombie survival game:

And there’s finally a playable demo of The Drifter, the latest game from the makers of Crawl. This was announced over a year ago, and if you haven’t checked it out I’d absolutely recommend doing so.

The MIGW launch page is also hosting a bunch of panels and talks, and there’s a tab specifically for playable demos which I’ll be checking out on stream later today. There’s also a separate bundle with Frog Detective 1, Paperbark, Feather, Armello and Hot Brass for only $19.72, which is pretty good value.

You can check out the full landing page, with all the offers, streams and information, right here.


  • Tricky to find this festival page inside the Steam client, annoyingly. I ended up getting to it through the MIGW curator, and am now following that to get back again easily.

    Last steamfest demo of The Drifter completely sold me. It’s just so… Australian, and the end-of-demo twist is intriguing.
    I’m immediately intrigued by adventure rhythm game Video World which is for some reason also free to play.

    There’s quite a few older titles in there, 2018 and 2019 stuff, but it’s good to see it all sharing the space to be celebrated and even coming with discounts.
    Eg: 90% off mobile puzzler Agent A! 50% off Necrobarista! 40% off the already-absurdly-cheap Paperbark! 20% off newly-released Forgotten City! These are good deals on good games.

  • Thats neat. I like sales focussing on different countries and the like, since it really does highlight how popular games come from all around the world.

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