Three Years Later, The Epic Games Store Gets Achievements

Three Years Later, The Epic Games Store Gets Achievements
Image: Epic

Having launched in 2018, it’s only now, in October 2021, that the Epic Games Store is getting around to implementing proper achievements in the games being sold and played there.

While there have been achievements in some games popping up over the last year, those were put there by developers on a game-by-game basis, and Epic is now calling those “developer achievements”.

What’s launching next week is something else; platform-wide achievements, baked right into the store, just like you’d see on Steam. They’ll be called — wait for it — Epic Achievements, and will run on a familiar points system, only here those points will be called “XP”.

There are four tiers of achievements — Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum — with Platinum being the one you get after accruing 1000XP from the others. They’ll start rolling out next week, but only in six titles to begin with: Rocket League, Hades, Pillars of Eternity, Kena, Zombie Army 4 and Alan Wake Remastered.

The XP rewards for each tier will be:

Bronze = 5-45 XP

Silver = 50-95 XP

Gold = 100-200 XP

Platinum = 250 XP

As for other games, Epic says the tools for these achievements are going out now to developers, and that it’s hoped a lot more games will feature them “later this year”. Finally, if you’ve already been collecting the “developer achievements”, and were wondering/worried what was happening, here’s Epic’s policy on them going forwards:

Are developer achievements going away?

No. Developer achievements will remain functional in games if developers have previously integrated them and they don’t wish to engage with the new Epic Achievements system.

What happens to developer achievements I’ve earned in the past?

If you’ve unlocked developer achievements, don’t worry — your hard work isn’t lost. If a game that previously used developer achievements integrates the new Epic Achievements system, progress carries over, and you will automatically earn account XP.


  • Still, it’s before Nintendo implementing any sort of achievement system. Wonder why nobody ever gets on their case about that, considering their products are some of the most regressive.

    • I don’t really see no Achievements as a problem. It’s a cool thing to have, but it’s not a required thing. The fact that Epic is choosing to implement this before other, more important, features such as a shopping cart in their store, is kind of silly.

  • I mean… that’s great. I’m sure there are people who will really appreciate that feature. I just really wish they’d prioritize a fucking ignore button for the store, which is going to better for pretty much everyone.

    • (Bloody hell, it’s not even on their Trello for the features roadmap. Guys. Come on. You’ve already done wishlists, this is the inverse of that. Easy win, no-brainer.)

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