What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Pokemon Unite / TiMi Studio / The Pokemon Company

Sydneysiders are fortunate enough to have a long weekend over the coming days, but for most other people it’s two straight days of lockdown-induced gaming.

I’ve been enjoying a fair bit of Pokemon Unite lately, although for now it’s mostly been on the Switch. I wouldn’t mind playing it on the phone more, but the game doesn’t have controller support on iOS or Android just yet. (It’s also not supported in cloud-based services like BlueStacks X, although I’m sure that’ll get fixed up shortly.)

Beyond that, I’m keen to just unwind and relax a little bit. Destiny has its hooks in me once more, and now that I’ve ground my way to get one legendary weapon (thank you, Ace of Spades and your disgusting damage output) but there’s so much grinding to do. I haven’t even touched the Wayfinders Compass stuff yet. Given I’m playing around with linear fusion rifles a bit more — which everyone probably is given it’s one of the exotic rewards in the season pass — it makes sense to knock out that content at some point.

But there’s also a ton of other stuff that I’d really like to check out. There’s this, which I can’t talk about until [redacted]. But boy that’s got something to it. And I also really wanted to go back and play Dodgeball Academia, which has that great sports RPG, high-school vibe that just seems really fresh and fun.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Well, I have been trying to finish off games that I lost the interest of…
    I finished the main campaign of Watch Dogs Legion last night (The DLC Characters regained my interest in the game)
    so I will be playing the side missions and DLC of that game this weekend.

    but apart from that, I will be playing…
    Rimworld (I really need to sort out the mods again)
    Assassins Creed Valhalla (another game I need to finish)

    and I don’t want to think about the games on my PS4 (no PS5 for me yet)

  • I’ve started Shadow Warrior 2 which I’m very much enjoying, I needed to scratch that fast paced shooter itch. I’m considering playing GTAV (yeah, I’m that late) before Forza Horizon 5 drops. I have a goal to play a proper RPG before the end of the year, maybe The Witcher 3.

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