What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Turtle Rock Entertainment

With the sun and the breeze out, honestly, I wish I still wasn’t stuck inside. Fortunately, there’s some quests to knock off to keep me busy.

The early access period for Back 4 Blood kicks off tonight Australian time. I previewed the game earlier this year; it was fine, but not outstanding, but I wouldn’t mind spending more time with the campaign to see how that all ratchets up. I actually really enjoyed a lot of the weapon mechanics — no surprise given Turtle Rock’s expertise on Counter-Strike and Left 4 Dead. So if nothing else, that will be fun to kill some time with mates.

That aside, I’ve got a bit of a hankering for virtual cricket again. I’ve had a customised playthrough of Cricket 19 going on PC where the physics, weather dynamics and how the ball performs off the pitch is just a little more interesting out of the gate. I wouldn’t mind just chilling with that and some podcasts in the background.

There’s movies and TV series and cooking to all knock off as well — but that’s plenty for the break, I think. What are you playing over the weekend?


  • Bit of Destiny 2, bit of D&D, bit of Cookie Clicker, and I’ve returned to Death Stranding for its PS5 director’s cut. In between, I reckon I’ll sample a few of the titles new to game pass: Dandy Ace looks like a Hades clone with some cool vibes, I’m interested to see how quickly I can catch my PC Scarlet Nexus playthrough up to my PS5 progress, Marvel’s Avengers is something I was curious about but with its monetization/MP live service attitude I was only ever going to play for free. And to top it off, I’m hoping to spend some time with the interesting Tainted Grail – it’s been on Early Access on GOG for a while, where I was watching it, but now that it’s on Game Pass I’ve got no barriers.

    Oh, also Steam Nextfest has a bajillion demos to try. I’ve been spending spare hours here and there trying out the Tower Defense genre, this time around. Nothing stands out as particularly unmissable, though Jars was very cute and well put-together. More puzzle game than TD, but that’s fine.

  • Playing through Elvira – Mistress of the Dark since it got a GOG release. Now I shall finally finish it after having not played it in the best part of twenty years!

    Some more Saints Row 4, although its proving a slog because of having played the three preceeding games back to back. Likely some DBD. Getting in Bloodhunt dailies.

    Also poking at Succubus. Its a very uncomfortable game, but thats a good thing in its case because its not meant to be pleasant to play, and the hell depicted there is terrible and horrific, as is the lead character.

  • Rimworld (Modded with 487 mods, god I really need to clean it up)
    Far Cry 6
    trying to finish off Watch Dogs Legion DLC (so I can uninstall it)
    and a couple of games from the monthly bundle (Humble Choice)

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