What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Ni No Kuni Remastered

For years, I’ve wanted to play through the Ni No Kuni remaster. Now, I might actually get the time to sail to that peaceful little beach.

This is the last What Are You Playing This Weekend that I’ll be doing, although I’m happy to confirm that you will have a new face next week with their own spin on things. So it’ll all continue as per normal on that front (and I believe an announcement as to who should be due very soon).

Anyway, video games.

I haven’t had a normal October — that is, one where I haven’t been constantly crunching and juggling an absurd amount of releases and things to write — since 2010. Almost 12 years. That’s how long October has just been defined for me by the relentless sea of content and an overarching burden, almost a pathological need, to continually feed it.

I’ve got a few weeks off until my next gig, so for once I’ll be able to enjoy some things for what they are. Age of Empires 4 is one of those; it’ll be good to just enjoy it without having to mentally process it into a million different pieces. (That part of me will come back, but not having to think about things for a little while is nice.)

There’s also a neat retro shooter I’ve been spending time with called Turbo Overkill. I’ve actually got a preview for that, but you won’t see it today — that’s embargoed for much later, so there will be a late October gift from me even after I’m gone.

But that’s me and where I’m at. What about yourselves – what are you playing this weekend?


  • I’ll save farewells for the farewell post.
    This weekend I imagine it’ll be some combination of Sea of Thieves with the missus, Against the Storm (now out in Early Access!) by myself, and FTL has been gnawing at the back of my mind lately, that wonderful soundtrack…
    Or maybe, in light of the recent HOMM3 announcement, I’ll give that a spin. I had the blessed experience of showing a friend that game for the first time recently, we were up until 2am playing. He won!

  • I mean Alex, your utter powerhouse rate and quality of content generation has definitely not been even close to the industry standard, so there very well could be something to that ‘pathological’ self-diagnosis!

    But yeah. Farewells for farewell post, I’ve got social things on this weekend which will reduce the gaming time, but Into the Pit has got its hooks fairly well into me, and I’ve installed AND INTEND TO GET TO a bunch of game pass titles like The Good Life, Echo Generation, Riftbreaker, and Everspace 2. At this rate I could cheerfully never buy another game again and still be spoiled for choice for amazing titles that make me happy.

  • Enjoy Ni No Kuni! I’ve been slowly ticking through it for a while with the Mrs, great visuals and music. I’ll be getting through some more Sekiro; first playthrough and I’m loving it so far.
    Apart from that, some Ni No Kuni and some DOS. Playing through slowly co-op with a mate, great substitute to IRL DnD while in lockdown.

  • Well I do want to get passed nightmare in Diablo 2 but if last weekend was anything to go by I guess I will be working on my third zone in Far Cry 6. Both funny and more than likely true.

  • I finished off Mass Effect Legendary Edition last night, so now I’m going to roll straight into Mass Effect Andromeda. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays directly after having played the first three.

  • Strangely enough, Halo 3 PC, it’s my second least favourite Halo game (I haven’t played 5 yet though lol) so unlike all the others I’ve only played it once and I really need a refresher, maybe even a chance to appreciate it more this time round. I was planning to play GTAV but the second time I went to fire it up it refused to launch and I don’t want to deal with that right now.

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