2TB Of Extra Xbox Storage Costs More Than A New Series S

2TB Of Extra Xbox Storage Costs More Than A New Series S
Image: Seagate / Microsoft

If you’ve just bought an Xbox Series X and are suddenly in need of 2TB of extra internal storage, have you considered simply buying another Xbox Series X?

The 2TB Seagate storage expansion card for Xbox Series X and S is now available to preorder in Australia after being announced last month, with a listing popping up on MightyApe this morning alongside a December 17th release date. While the 1TB has been available since this time last year for a somewhat hefty $348 price tag, you’ll be waiting just a little bit longer to fork out $748 for the 2TB card.

You’re probably wondering ‘Jesus Christ, what? How?‘. and while I can’t justify the price I can kinda explain it. While the PS5 eventually got updated to accept third party SSDs, the Xbox Series X/S have been designed to only function with proprietary drives specifically made for the consoles, which means that Microsoft and Seagate can essentially choose whatever price they please. It’s a devilish yet genius move so it doesn’t look like they’ll be giving the consoles an update for third party SSDs anytime soon.

There are perks to the Seagate expansion card however, including the seamless switch between the internal and expansion card storage, its compatibility with Xbox Velocity Architecture, and the built in partnership with Xbox meaning there’s no chance of incompatibility. Also, there are literally no other options for internal expansions.

I may have clowned on the fact that the 2TB Seagate Storage Expansion Card for the Xbox Series X/S is the same price as an Xbox Series X ($1 cheaper, actually), but let’s take a step back and think about the Series X’s smaller and less meaty sibling, the Series S. The S goes for $499 if you’re lucky enough to get it at retail price, and has an internal storage of 512GB (about 364GB for you to use for games). This means that if you’re looking to expand the storage to an extra 2TB, you’re paying $249 more than you did for your console. Normal!

Taking into account how everything magically becomes more expensive once it crosses the waters into Australia, it’s no surprise that the card is around $214 more expensive than it is in the US  (US$399.99). It does suck though, and is pretty telling of just how pricey literally everything is in Australia. It’s just another day of crying profusely and shakily pulling my debit card out of my velcro wallet as I pay more than a console’s worth for more storage on my existing console.


  • The weirdest part of this to me is actually the fact that the 2Tb at $748 is actually well over double the price of the 1Tb drive at $348? I would have thought a 2Tb should be the same or cheaper than 2 x 1Tb?

    • You’re being charged extra for the added expense of rendering a new image and designing a new box, alongside injection-moulding the logo.

      • MS have always been a bit limited for the base console storage. Xbox 360 also had the proprietary drive and the One didn’t support swapping the internal either, although anything could run off an external USB which was good. PS3 onwards have been a better when it comes to swapping the default system drive.

    • Even outside of consoles, you’re generally limited by the number of sockets you can plug NVMe drives into. So you often can’t just substitute two 1 TB drives for a single 2 TB drive. That’s definitely the case for consoles where there is only one storage expansion slot.

      So the 2 TB drive can charge a price premium for the people who need/want that much storage.

      • The main difference I think is that if I went to Amazon, most 2TB M.2 SSDs are either double or less in terms of cost than a 1TB. This seems to just be a Microsoft tax.

  • Quick search puts it about the same price as other 2tb SSDs that are compatible with PS5, just no way I could personally justify that cost! I’d rather get a PS5 than extra XSX storage!

    I’ve got a HDD I use for storage and it’s pretty quick to transfer to my XSX internal storage, don’t think I’ll be getting these any time soon!

    • Yeah I’m in no hurry grab one yet, their expensive and flying off the shelves.

      There’s already plans for 4tb so Ima wait till everyone’s chasing the newer better versions and get older 2tb one.
      Hopefully cheaper too.

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