An Open Thread If You Need To Vent

An Open Thread If You Need To Vent

I said at the beginning of the year that it felt weird to talk about video games as a right-wing mob stormed the United States capitol building. Sad to say, that feeling hasn’t let up in the last 10 months and change, especially with the news currently dominating today’s headlines.

Kyle Rittenhouse, who travelled across state lines to Kenosha, Wisconsin to allegedly protect a car dealership while activists protested the extrajudicial police killing of Jacob Blake, shot and killed two men and injured another with an AR-15 assault rifle on August 25. After an 18-day trial, he was just found not guilty on all counts, which included charges of first-degree reckless homicide and first-degree attempted homicide.

I wish I could say this was shocking. We’re all angry and sad and fed up, but one thing I haven’t seen anyone express is surprise. Of course Rittenhouse was going to get off. In a country built from the ground up and still supported by white supremacy, why would our courts hold a living embodiment of those ideals accountable? That simpering little shit, with his crocodile tears and years of celebratory conservative media appearances ahead of him, is who the United States’ entire system of laws and adjudication was established to protect.

If you need a place to vent, somewhere safe you can share the rage and depression that constantly rears its ugly head while we try to navigate this diseased society, do it here. It’s easy to feel alone at times as like these, to dive deep into the bottomless pit and let it consume you from the inside out as the world does everything it can to drive us apart. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Don’t bottle it up. Tell us how you’re feeling. Vent those emotions. Heck, if it makes things easier, talk about your weekend plans or the next video game that’s got you excited. Whatever you need to get off your chest, this is the place to do it. Be well and stay strong.



  • The writing was on the wall for the shit show before the event even took place.

    Your smack dab in the middle of a post truth era and three for three in the in civil collapse bingo, justice has no place here.

  • I feel like this article is peak Kotaku US who lives vastly outside of reality.
    Justice was served today, no matter the bullshit you repeat from twitter.
    Cope Harder Ian.

  • Oh shut the hell up. What the hell is this website doing reporting on an obvious self defense trial that was regularly botched in court by the prosecution? Even the third guy who was shot admitted on the stand that it was self defense.

  • One of the guys who died anally raped two boys and sexually assaulted three other boys, all aged between 9 and 11 years old. Never forget this. He was an abhorrent monster, not fit to be called human.
    There were no good guys in this trial, really. Rittenhouse was a dumb kid who put himself in a dangerous situation, and then had to defend himself from people who were either going to maim or kill him. IIRC, he actually did take a few hits from at least one of them.

    Imagine “needing to vent” on a gaming website about this. I can only imagine Ian’s reaction if aforementioned dumb kid is killed by a bunch of loony vigilantes.

  • What I’d like to vent about is the prosecution ceaselessly harassing a photographer for refusing to be tampered with as a witness. How the those two prosecutors are still lawyers is beyond me.

  • Wait… So… just going to ignore the countless footage showing that he acting in self defence and only shot people were attacked him first?

    Let’s see what hoops we have to jump through to be angry at this verdict.

    1) We have to ignore the footage of the paedophile racist (plenty of video of him yelling the dreaded n-word at people and getting in their faces, while apparently supporting BLM) who hid between cars waiting for Kyle to walk past so he could chase him (of which there is more footage), and corner him with intent to harm. Also have to ignore the forensic evidence showing that said pedophile rapist had actually grabbed the gun before he was shot, and the video image showing that Kyle’s shots only occurred AFTER someone else near by had already discharged a weapon in the vicinity.

    2) We have to ignore the video footage of him, after he shot the paedophile racist, running down the street, surrounded by hundreds of BLM supporters (let’s assume they weren’t all rioters, looters and arsonists), with his finger off the trigger and gun pointed down, not at all of the black people around him.

    3) We have to ignore the footage of how we was attacked from behind by a person who literally fly kicked him in the head and caused him to drop to the ground. Who wasn’t shot.

    4) We have to ignore the footage of the convicted woman basher that clobbered Kyle over the head with his skateboard, while Kyle was on the ground, BEFORE he was shot.

    5) We have to ignore the footage of the last guy, approaching Kyle, with a (at the time unknown) loaded and illegally acquired pistol. And he was shot only AFTER he pointed said pistol at Kyle.

    That’s a lot of logic and evidence ignoring to be mad he got off on self defence. I’m also trying to figure out why people are upset a convicted paedophile who ANALLY RAPED pre-pubescent boys was shot and killed.

    Only at a BLM “protest”, full of black people, can you fire at random people and hit 3 convicted white felons of varying seriousness and people somehow claim that this is somehow a racially motivated “attack” on black people. Delete this article. It has no place on an Australian website.

    • We can’t forget these things either:

      – He was already in Kenosha at the time of the riot. He has family in Kenosha and lives with them occasionally.
      – The Gun was purchased in Kenosha, it was not taken across state lines
      – Kenosha law allowed him to legally possess that gun.
      – He was in Kenosha at the time because he was working there those previous few days and had been staying there already for several days

      The US liberal media is so desperate to paint this kid as a bad person but it has imploded in their faces and they are desperately lashing out like toddlers that didn’t get their way.

      Expect to see riots resulting in properties burnt down and stores looted and expect to see the US Liberal media defend that rioting.

  • Imagine after following the trial and seeing all the evidence and still thinking it wasn’t self defence.

    Hey Ian. Did you know the surviving dude crossed state lines with an illegal gun? Bet you didn’t know that. Or does that not matter because Kyle bad.

    I mean if you want to throw your hat in with child molesters and wife beaters you do you Ian.

    This article is a joke.

    • Much like the Covington boy who took the us media to the cleaners ( funny how the media stopped talking about that. I wonder why hmmmm ) I cannot wait for Kyle to sue us media for defamation.

    • The fact people came away from the trail thinking it had anything to do with self defence is concerning.
      At no point as you spiral back through this mess and the events that preceded it, was there a single reasonable response or decision at any level.

      This was a clash between extremists, normalised in theatre.

      • It’s concerning that the footage showed clear self-defence?
        It’s concerning the lone survivor admitted he was the aggressor which cause Kyle to defend himself?

        Id be more concerned after seeing all the evidence thinking this was anything other than a case of self-defence.

  • I have been waiting for a thread to vent for months so here goes.

    The usability of this website is complete trash since the redesign, why cant we upvote or downvote comments anymore? Why are there autoplaying videos between every few sentences?

    Why if someone responds to one of my comments there is no kind of notification?

    Who benefits from this complete dumpster fire of a redesign?

    • Hard agree… the redesign was, what, 2 years ago now? And basic features still just gone. Don’t think Kotaku really cares about the people who like the site enough to comment, or stuff like reply notifications would’ve been fixed within months.

    • The upvote/downvote system in its previous implementation I don’t want back. If it were to come back it should not put people into moderation. That should be reserved for reporting a comment.

      Imo I’d give up any feature just for dark mode back.

    • Agree on everything except upvote/downvote.. it doesnt really add much in a polarised internet world where hot takes are king.. i would love the whole reply notification to be back though.. a lot of engagement in comments just disappeared since u cant track when someone replies

  • I don’t understand how several people here seems to be holding up the victims’ pasts as evidence as why Kyle was justified. It doesn’t matter that the people he killed were pieces of shit who did awful things prior to that day. Self defence not not, the victims’ previous crimes should not play any part in giving context to Kyle’s actions and to mention them in the context of the Kenosha protests suggests that you feel like he was justified in killing them for the crimes they had committed. That is not how any of this shit works.

    But, whatever you think about the justification about how he acted, a telling litmus test will be how he conducts himself from here. He will be heralded by the alt-right as some sort of hero and he has two options: either to a) distance himself from them, distance himself from the tragedy, learn from his mistakes, and keep his head down, or b) to lean into his celebrity status, capitalise on tragedy for personal gain, continue to espouse his Blue Lives Matter and coded racist dog-whistling behaviour, and reveal himself to be the racist alt-right piece of shit that the left suspect him to be. Sadly, I feel like I know which he’ll choose.

      • You’re getting lazy. I said the alt-right will celebrate him. Do you truly believe that they won’t? I also said that the left “suspect” him to be alt-right. I said that his actions from here will reveal his character, either he’ll lean into alt-right views or he won’t. From the sociopolitical belief he has shown so far (Blue Lives Matter, OK/WP sign flipping, big grin photo ops with right wing folks) I believe he will.

    • Also dont act like what happened that night was ” peaceful protests ”

      It was violent rioting. It was not protesting. They were not protesting, they were destroying Kenosha businesses and ruining people’s lives.

      Get off your high horse. We have literal video footage of what occured that night. Video footage you seem to want to pretend doesn’t exist.

      Enjoy the cope while Kyle enjoys his freedom.

      • Point to where I said “peaceful protest”. When you use quotation marks in the way that you have, to imply that’s a pull quote from my comment, it’s supposed to be something that was actually said, not something you read into. You’ve just gone into a diatribe attacking a point that never existed. Save yourself the energy and read what is written next time.

    • No, he was justified because it was in self defence.

      The context of who the victims were is important, because people should know who they are supposedly mourning for. Hell, there are blue tick twitter people that, to this day, think he shot 3 black people. So, just making sure that when people see riots over the verdict, people know that they are rioting in defence of a “man” who anally raped little boys for the fun of it, for instance. Just making sure that people know they are martyring someone who is so vile, that they must be protected within a prison, because even the worst criminals know how vile he is. and this is the person that people are going to be calling a “hero”, while they go and “peacefully protest”.

      Plus, I really want people to justify their defence of a paedophile rapist, I really want them to work for it.

      He’s the thing though, he should most definitely take media and celebrities to the cleaners for defamation, sue them into oblivion. They staged an outright war against him based on lies.

      Sadly, it doesn’t matter what he’ll do now. He could ride of into the sunset and he won’t be left alone by the left. he’ll be the poster boy for racist America for years to come, regardless.

      Realistically, he’ll do the circuit, he’ll be held up as an example of the culture war between the left and the right. And how the left (and MSM), don’t care about context or evidence, just like the Covington kids.

      Thing is… Anyone who isn’t upset about the verdict is already labelled “alt-right”, regardless of their actual leanings, so it’s too late for that.

      • “The context of who the victims were is important, because people should know who they are supposedly mourning for.”

        No, it isn’t. They were protesters at a protest. They weren’t there representing pedos or rapists, nor were they performing those crimes at the time. Kyle didn’t know these people’s past before he shot them. It is 100% irrelevant to the case and should have no bearing on whether what Kyle did was justified or not.

          • You’re acting like the distinction between protest and riot is some smoking gun that derails my argument. Call it what you want, nothing about what I said changes. But sure, get hooked up on a technicality if it means you don’t need to actually address what I said, because for all the comments you’ve made in reply to me, you haven’t brought a single relevant point.

          • Actually, the distinction between a protest and a riot, and subsequently, a protester and a rioter, does derail your argument.

            Like I stated in my comment below, the pedo was not a protestor. I mean, unless you want to walk me through the logic jump you would have to make that a white man, calling black people the n-word, and aggressively approaching people, is somehow there to peacefully protest in support of BLM (which is “Black Lives Matter”, in case you forgot).

            You did see the video of him stalking Kyle, and then ambushing and chasing him, without provocation, before cornering him and attacking him, while grabbing for his (Kyle’s) gun?

            Walk me through the logic of how this man is an “innocent” “protester”

        • Pretty sure that the white pedo, yelling at people, shouting out the dreaded n-word, and coaxing random people to shoot him while getting up in their face very aggressively, wasn’t a protestor in support of BLM. You’d know that if you saw literally any of the hundreds of videos of that very man, on that very night. But you haven’t.

          Kyle was justified because he acted in self defence, of which there are numerous videos, and witness accounts (even by the 3rd “victim”) saying as much.

          • Goddam, this has served as an irritating reminder why I stopped visiting these comments sections, and I’m regretting getting sucked in to this particular one.

            The ONLY point I’ve been trying to make is that victims previous criminal past, which is unrelated to the circumstances under which they were killed, is entirely irrelevant to determining whether Rittenhouse was justified or not. That’s it. Killing someone who has done bad things in their past doesn’t immediately absolve someone from the act of killing.

            The fact that one of the victims was a pedo rapist and another was a domestic abuser, and the distinction of whether it was a protest or a riot, these are all irrelevant in determining whether Rittenhouse was justified in his actions. Rittenhouse didn’t kill them because they were rapists/abusers in their past, therefore those facts are irrelevant in giving justification to his actions. Rittenhouse isn’t law enforcement, so the distinction between protest and riot is meaningless in giving justification to his actions.

            If you ask me, he intentionally put himself in a conflict zone. You don’t take a deadly weapon to a conflict zone without the idea that you may need to use it. Maybe, and this is conjecture, but maybe he wanted to use it. This was not his job, nor his responsibility. He should have just stayed well enough away. I just hope this outcome doesn’t embolden him (or others) to continue inserting himself into such situations.

          • mog, you’re trying to argue a nuance point with people who are just regurgitating conservative talking points. the function of the talking points is to deflect and avoid any real discussion by sidetracking the conversation.

            to be fair, left folks are equally guilty of this at times.

            but anyway, regardless of the particular political leaning, arguing with people who are just reiterating facts that are only tangentially related but have been seized on by political commentators as a battleground (i.e. the ‘protest’ v. ‘riot’ thing, which I agree is a totally pointless semantic argument with no bearing on the facts of the case) is just a waste of time – the whole purpose of the talking points is to galvanize people and prevent any real conversation…

            folks in this comment section don’t seem to have even understood the various ways in which you probably agree with them because they’re too focused on trying to fight about trivialities for the sake of fighting anyone they perceive as maybe-possibly outgroup.

            in short, I sympathise with your frustration. I agree with what you’re saying. Stop wasting your time with people who aren’t actually interested in a two-way conversation.

          • Thanks, troublecat. You’re absolutely right. I felt like if I kept attempting to word it more concisely it would click for some.. but then I was 5 replies in of saying the same thing and should know by now it’s not going anywhere meaningful. A Sunday with no plans is a dangerous time for a comment section visit haha.

          • Ah yes, people are totally going to listen to someone who thinks the line between a Riot and a protest is arbitrary and has no meaning in this case except it very much does.
            Thats why people arent agreeing with you.
            You desperately want the “he shouldnt be there with a gun” talking point to be one, except it doesnt hold any water when the deceased attacked the victim, because if you dont believe in the difference between a riot and a protest, what they deceased were doing is perfectly fine, when it wasnt.
            If you want things to ‘click’ for some people, its not going to work when you are coming from a place where riots, needless destruction of property/arson/theft/assault/murder is perfectly fine which has been happening during these riots to people who believe that entire viewpoint to be utter bullshit.

          • Mogwai. Talk about missing the point. Allow me to reiterate.

            “Kyle was justified because he acted in self defence”

            I will not refer to them as victims, because they were not victims, they were aggressors (video evidence, of multiple angles and viewpoints, proves this). I will not refer to them by name, because they were horrible people who don’t deserve to be martyred. I’ll describe them how I see fit, because that is who they are.

            Let’s ignore their pasts, like you wish to do ok. Let’s completely throw that off the table (even though I have stated that Kyle was justified, because he was attacked and acted in self defence, but you keep harping on about how their past isn’t justification blah blah blah).

            Let’s look at the actions of those men… On that one particular night, shall we?

            Video evidence from that night of “victim #1” shows him trying to coax people into attacking him on that night, video evidence from that night shows him telling the dreaded n-word and people around him (remember he is white). Video evidence from that night shows him stalking and waiting in ambush, until Kyle walked past him, and then chased him (obviously to give him a loving hug). Witness testimony of that night, goes on to explain that he was intentionally trying to start fights with people. Now, explain to me the mental gymnastics you have made, to say that this… “Victim #1” was there, on that night, to peacefully protest in support of BLM (remember, that stands for black lives matter).

            Let’s look at the video evidence of “victim #2” on that night shall we. Video evidence, from that night, shows that victim #2, attacked Kyle, with his skateboard (when used to attack someone, this becomes known as a “weapon”) from behind at first, after Kyle had fallen to the ground. Next, video and picture evidence of that night shows, that he had then intentionally struck Kyle, with his skateboard (remember, it’s now a weapon). Across the head, while Kyle was still on the ground. If you google it, there’s a great picture showing the skateboard connecting with Kyle’s head.

            Let’s look at “victim #3” shall we.

            Video evidence of that night shows that he had approached Kyle, who was still on the ground, with gun drawn. Video evidence then shows that he had aimed the gun, at Kyle, before Kyle shot him. His very own witness testimony corroborates that. Also, to add to it, “victim #3” had travelled twice as far as Kyle to be there that night (for very similar reasons to why Kyle was there), his gun was also loaded, and it was also illegally obtained. This is all court documented evidence. But I don’t see you saying, applying your own logic to him, as you do with Kyle… Allow me to quote you on it. “If you ask me, he intentionally put himself in a conflict zone. You don’t take a deadly weapon to a conflict zone without the idea that you may need to use it. Maybe, and this is conjecture, but maybe he wanted to use it. This was not his job, nor his responsibility. He should have just stayed well enough away.” You reserve that for Kyle, and Kyle alone.

            Even ignoring the history of the 3 “victims”, the evidence of their actions ON THAT VERY NIGHT, justify Kyle acting in SELF DEFENCE.

          • @mogwai Unfortunately we are living in an era of attack the person not the problem.. its endless hot takes which is an ongoing symptom of a lot of problems in us..

            The only point I want to add here is I think its definitely conjecture to assume that kid went there with the intent to cause problems because he was carrying a firearm.

            You have to remember depending on where you were raised in us having firearms even as a minor is so normalised to the point holding one is the same as holding a tool, a wallet, keys or box cutter or whatever you can carry on your pockets, etc. Its nothing out of the ordinary as far as that kid is concerned to hold guns even though we find it “abnormal” as aussies.

            I mean sure maybe the kid did go there intending to cause issues its also equally plausible he was just there and caught up in the whole shitstorm. From my point making an assumption on what the kid was there for doesnt help either in the same way ppl are trying to use external factors as something relevant. Just my 2 cents!

    • Mogwai you are correct, 100%. You can’t shoot a bunch of people and hope that they turn out to be a bunch of criminals. You can’t use someone’s irrelevant history in the context of current events. That isn’t how the world works. And I agree 1000%.

      But context is important. So…

      Did you also know the pedophile knocked down Rittenhouse twice and attempted to kick him in the head with lethal force? If he hadn’t managed to shoot him, Rittenhouse would likely be dead.
      Did you know that the wife beater hit him in the head twice with a skateboard? I’m not going to hypothesise whether or not once Rittenhouse was unconscious if he would have stopped beating him or if he would have beaten him to the point of TBI, but if Rittenhouse hadn’t shot him, he’d likely be hospitalised or dead.
      Did you know (and I’m sure you must) that the burglar aimed his gun at Rittenhouse first? You could say that he had no intention on firing, but put yourself in Rittenhouse‘s shoes. There’s a huge riot, you’ve been chased by a mob, you’ve had to defend yourself twice now, and some guy is pointing a gun at you. If Rittenhouse hadn’t shot first…
      Did you know why the mob were after Rittenhouse in the first place? Because he had the audacity to… put out fires. In a country where we’ve seen riots lead to thousands of people put out of work or home, in a city where Rittenhouse had friends and family.

      Yep, context is very important.

      • I appreciate the long reply, I can tell you’re not being flippant. Though you agree with me, but then go on to identify each victim by their previous crime. That feels a little disingenuous. And yes, I knew the context of the shootings, I wasn’t making any argument about whether he was justifiably acting in self defence in my original comment. I was only trying to point out that the victims’ are irrelevant when it comes to discussing Kyle’s actions, and that I’m curious as to what type of person he’ll reveal himself to be fine that he’s been acquitted.

        I do have personal opinions about the validity of a minor voluntarily going into an area of conflict with an assault rifle, but that has a ill defined barrier with my views of gun ownership and legality in the US which I don’t have the time or energy to get into here.

        • It is entirely relevant to highlight their horrific crimes when the media seems to want to gloss over what they did and act like they are pure innocent perfect human beings.

          • I don’t know how I can put it any more clearly: When determining the justification of Kyle’s actions, the past of the victims does not provide any context. None. Because Kyle wasn’t aware of their past so no part of his actions was influenced by their crimes. Therefore, to use their past crimes as justification for his actions is meaningless. It bears precisely no relevance to the case.

      • Gonna rescind my point about you being disingenuous, I re-read your post and I see that you were saying the *also* did , and it was the action taken on the night that you were placing emphasis on.

        • Oh god, brackets killed that reply and made it nonsensical. Let me try again but with capitals:

          Gonna rescind my point about you being disingenuous, I re-read your post and I see that you were saying the person who committed PREVIOUS CRIME *also* did ACTION AT PROTEST, and it was the action taken on the night that you were placing emphasis on.

          • I think you’re on the right page but to clarify/address points:
            I was being sincere at the beginning of that comment; I was a little afraid it would sound sarcastic, but it wasn’t meant to.
            I realised, as you said, referring to each shootee by their previous crimes was pretty bad taste, and I think it might have weakened my points a bit so I regret that a little.
            Everything after that first paragraph might have been a little condescending and I regret that a bit too, but if you (general you, not specific you) were to only get your news from the article you’d think Rittenhouse walked into a public place, shot three random people minding their business and peaced out or something. That’s a fucked up lie and I think Ian is… I have no words for it, honestly.

            While I’m here; the last paragraph of your first comment: I think’ll be interesting to see what happens, but it’s probably predictable. When the “left” wants your head for preventing your own death by any means necessary, and the “right” are calling you a hero (he is not a hero) you’re probably going to feel comfort in the people supporting you. But maybe he’ll surprise us both.
            Wouldn’t hold my breath!

  • Kyle ended up permabanning some pretty gross people, a paedophile included. Lucky coincidence, perhaps.

    The members of the Activision board of directors are not paedophiles, so why is Kotaku trying to insinuate they are?

  • I was honestly waiting for an article like this to appear on Kotaku. I didn’t want one to, but I expected it and lo-and-behold here it is.

    From the very get-go when I saw the videos first published online I could see it was self-defense. It was so apparent. I then felt like I was taking crazy pills when I saw so many calling for the kid’s head claiming he was a “mass shooter” and the like. What I had hoped would be a perfect example of how the stupid gun laws are in America, as well as the “us vs. them” mentality that has festered over the years could lead to such a horrendous event, turned into a character assassination of a youth, instead of focusing on the laws that even allowed him to legally have an open-carry gun AS A MINOR!

    But no. This is America. Let’s ignore that he tried to run from the first guy (who had threatened him earlier in the night) and only shot after cornered, the guy grabbed the gun, and some bozo fired a gun nearby. Scared little kid is scared. Wow. Let’s ignore the fact that he was recorded exclaiming that he had shot someone and was going to run to the police, which he did. Let’s ignore that he was attacked by a mob, who instead of letting him continue to run towards the lights of the police line, called for him to be killed and then knocked him down. Let’s ignore that he only shot at individuals that attacked him whilst he was prone on the ground. Let’s ignore the fact that after he fired the shots, he got up and ran to the police.

    No. Instead your idiotic country ignored the literal video evidence and focused on the person instead of the problem. An act that is usually exclusively-reserved for the Far-Right, and made me confused as a Greens supporter to be labelled on Reddit as Far-Right because I pointed out the hypocrisy.

    I discussed with an American friend on Discord that I wonder what the reaction would’ve been if this scenario had been a Far-Right riot where a BLM minor that was there with an AR and was protecting businesses, was rushed by a Far-Right rioter, shot him after being cornered, ran towards the police line and was subsequently attacked whilst he ran, shot two more extremists who attacked him after knocking him prone and the surrounding extremists were shouting for him to be killed, and then continued to run to the police line. Would the same media be attacking the kid? I definitely know that the Right media would be having a FIELD DAY lambasting that kid. You wanna know the funniest part? My friend then went on about how the BLM kid would most likely be shot by the police because he was black, yet I hadn’t specified the kid’s ethnicity.

    Wanna argue the disparity between how races would be treated? Or how the wealthy vs. poor are treated in the system? Sure, that is a great topic to bring up. There is an obvious issue when it comes to those differences and it really needs to be addressed. But again, focus on the problem, not the person. Why are people arguing the backgrounds of all the individuals involved to suit their respective views? In a spur-of-the-moment scenario where the parties didn’t know each other that doesn’t matter, but apparently to some it does. Why? It’s not only useless, it hinders the overarching issues. Don’t villify the kid. You push him away. Your Left media did this even in the face of evidence to the point that the kid’s only safe haven was the Right. That is horrible. This article pointing out that Rittenhouse now has “years of celebratory conservative media appearances ahead of him” IS YOUR OWN FAULT FOR PUSHING HIM TO THAT!

    • I have been avoiding topics like these like the plague as frankly its all pointless.. lines have been drawn and its all about who can throw the most mud to prove they are correct instead of actually correcting the problems.

      But you sir need a damned standing ovation for hitting the proverbial nail on the head!

  • Soooo…. am I the only one who noticed how Kotaku has inadvertently trivialised this by classfying this as “American Television”?

  • I want to vent about Battlefield 2042. It’s like a Battlefield game made by people who have never played a Battlefield game. Although they did at least toss in Portal, seemingly as a way to taunt long time players with a little taste of what might have been if they’d decided to actually make a Battlefield game instead of this fucking travesty.

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