Foodbend With This Avatar: The Last Airbender Official Cookbook

Foodbend With This Avatar: The Last Airbender Official Cookbook
Image: Nickelodeon Animation Studios
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Flameo, hotman! If you’ve ever drooled over Monk Gyatso’s fruit pies or the delicious Asian cuisine the Gaang ripped into each episode, we have some good news. The Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Official Cookbook will be hitting shelves on November 23rd.

Written by chef Jenny Dorsey, this cookbook contains up to 60 recipes inspired by the four nations. Inside you’ll find Uncle Iroh’s green tea, Aang’s favourite egg tarts and even a little special something from Gran Gran.

With the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender TV series in production, now is a great time to begin perfecting recipes unique to the Earth Kingdom, Air Nomads, Water Tribe and Fire Nation.

Why not hold a live-action Avatar viewing at your home on the night of the premiere? There’s at least a year’s wait before the release date will be announced so you have plenty of time to practice.

What’s inside the official Avatar cookbook?

Aang's mung bean curry is a recipe inside the official Avatar: The Last Airbender cookbook
Image: Insight Editions

Written in the voice of your favourite ATLA characters, this Avatar cookbook takes place following the events of Sozin’s Comet.

In one of the recipe excerpts, Aang talks about learning how to cook some of his favourite airbender dishes. Studying an old scroll from the Southern Air Temple, he manages to recreate one of his Air Nation meals.

Gyatso's Fruit Pies are a recipe inside the official Avatar: The Last Airbender book
Image: Insight Editions

Some of the tips that the characters include aren’t really translatable to the real world. For instance, Aang recommends airbending the egg whites for these fruit pies to make them extra soft and fluffy. Thankfully, a whisk or electric mixer will do the trick for all you non-benders.

Yue's moon cakes
Image: Insight Editions

Oh and just in case you were wondering… Sokka’s cactus juice made the cut – after all, it is the quenchiest.

This was confirmed on Jenny Dorsey’s TikTok channel where she also listed her nine favourite recipes from her book.

Iroh's green tea
Image: Insight Editions

Other than cactus juice, Dorsey explains that some of her favourite recipes include foggy swamp chicken, fire flakes and cabbage cookies. We stan the Cabbage Merchant.

Fire Nation sizzle crisps recipe inside the official Avatar: The Last Airbender cookbook
Image: Insight Editions

If you’re interested in bringing the flavours of the four nations to your kitchen, head on over to Booktopia where you can pre-order the official Avatar cookbook for $38.75 (down from $49.99). However, if you don’t mind waiting until December 15, Amazon Australia are selling their copies for a wee bit cheaper at $38.35.

More from the ATLA universe

In the meantime, don’t forget that the Avatar story continues in a number of graphic novels by the show’s creators. They capture the time following the final battle as the Gaang tries to rebuild ties between the nations.

You can check them out below if you haven’t already devoured them:

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