Battlefield 2042 Is Now One Of The Worst Reviewed Games In Steam History

Battlefield 2042 Is Now One Of The Worst Reviewed Games In Steam History
Image: EA / Kotaku

Yikes. Battlefield 2042, officially released just two days ago, is now one of the worst-reviewed games on Steam with over 29k negative reviews. Currently, it sits as the eighth lowest-rated game on Steam.

As spotted by Forbes via the Steam250 website, the game has now entered the top 10 worst reviewed games on Steam list, currently at number eight. And as more players review the game negatively, it will likely move up this list. It’s still not as hated as the disaster-pretending-to-be-a-video game known as eFootball 2022, but that’s a low bar to clear.

Battlefield 2042 has had a rough launch, with players complaining about broken vehicles, bad hitboxes, shoddy PC performance, issues with bullet registration and accuracy, a lack of features, and more. While the game did receive a day one patch, BF 2042 is still in really rough shape. And as a result, over on Steam, the game is getting reviewed very, very poorly by thousands of players.

Screenshot: Valve / KotakuScreenshot: Valve / Kotaku

Of the nearly 40k reviews on Steam, BF 2042 has only around 9,700 positive reviews. The other 29,000+ reviews are negative with many complaining about a lack of weapons, features, and bad performance on PC.

“When BF3 came out, I thought to myself, imagine how Battlefield will look like in ten years. Was not expecting this….” said one popular Steam review.

Players have spent the past few days compiling a list of everything that is missing or broken in BF 2042 and it’s a lot longer than I expected. Some notable omissions included limited traversal options, no standard server browser, the removal of the class-based system, no in-game profile or stats page, no spectator mode, and a lack of destruction compared to past games.

While I expect EA and Dice will work to improve Battlefield 2042 across all platforms, I get the distinct feeling this game shouldn’t have shipped this year. Perhaps in a few months, after some big updates, BF 2042 will improve its Steam reviews. But for now, it’s one of the worst-reviewed games on the platform.


  • I played for 3 hours on the 10 hour trial and uninstaled it.

    Here’s a question: BF 2042, Cyperpunk, GTA Trilogy, early Halo beta (to a lesser degree as they seem to have addressed it), Blizzard culture issues, Vanguard and CODS patchy at best quality control – Have big studios lost the ability to prioritise quality control in the project management phase over delivery at all costs? Feels like it – acknowledging there’s tonnes of developers and publishers making great games too – But it’s almost like the penthouse of the development world is broken

    • This isn’t new, it’s been like this since the 2000’s. They haven’t ‘lost the ability’ – it was never there in the first place. It was just papered over by the hype for the next yearly installment.

  • And how many of them are real?! Sure it is all kinds of rushed and more than a bit broken. Yet the fact that the ‘latest’ gaming scandal always becomes the most downvoted thing is highly telling and questionable at best. Only marginally to do with the game but more about people (?) jumping on a trend.

    • You have to own the game to review it on steam

      Take off your fanboy blinders.

      Just because your favourite toy is being criticized doesn’t mean you get to de-legitimize all the reviews.

      • That doesnt mean reviews cant be falsified. Do you also believe in the Easter bunny?! Or scalpers be fully stopped? or other crazy things. I think, once again, you are too busy trying to make a personal attack you just arent willing to appreciate that Steam reviews can IN PART be questionable.

        Hardly, I have ZERO fanboy notions towards Battlefield, it is perhaps my least favourite gaming franchise. I am playing it now, and having somewhat fun, only because I am playing it with some family, that doesnt mean I like or it or need to defend it.

        PS when exactly did I “de-legitimize all the reviews”?

        • ” PS when exactly did I “de-legitimize all the reviews”? ”

          “And how many of them are real?! ”
          ” questionable at best”
          ” people (?) jumping on a trend. ”

          You are quite literally questioning the legitimacy of the negative reviews in an attempt to delegitimize the widespread and very well documented failures of this game.

          You do it with EVERY SINGLE game that gets mass bad reviews like this. It’s like you live to be a contrarian. You know very well what you are attempting to do.

  • First they drop the singleplayer campaign after the incredibly good 1 & 5 campaigns, and now it launches like this? I mean they didn’t even have a campaign to work on so surely it should have been even more polished than previous entries? I’m not a clueless dumbass still trying to live in the PS2 era so I realise that it is impossible to release an incredibly complex modern video game without any issues, that’s just how development and limits of small scale testing work, but sometimes the state of the game is beyond that excuse and this seems like one of them.

    • the single player campaigns are a waste, Bot matches are what Battlefields Single player offerings have always been about. Now that Dice have re-enabled the ability to unlock all attachments and suchs for the weapons and vehicles in Solo/Coop, ive gone from suffering through 91.5 hours of shitty MP to having 8 hrs of pure fun learning to fly and slaughter bots in Solo/Coop

  • I didn’t mind it but the 10 hour free trial did make me realise I didn’t want to buy it!

    I’ll play again when it’s released on game pass.

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