BioWare Reveals 15 Per cent Of Mass Effect Players Are Monsters, Don’t Recruit Garrus

BioWare Reveals 15 Per cent Of Mass Effect Players Are Monsters, Don’t Recruit Garrus
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Garrus is sexy, smart, and has saved my arse countless times. He might be BioWare’s best character ever. And apparently thousands of Mass Effect Legendary Edition players skipped him altogether.

That’s according to a new set of statistics BioWare released as part of its 2021 N7 Day celebration. It’s been a long, long time since Mass Effect fans had anything to celebrate, but after years of dragging its feet EA finally saw fit to remaster the original trilogy, and months later the data on how people played is in and its upsetting.

A whopping 15 per cent of players never recruit Garrus, meaning that they saw him being a wise-cracking hard-arse in the Citadel security office in the earliest hours of the game and thought no thanks, I’d rather go fight space terrorists alone. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know that was an option. The true Renegade ending was there all along. More players recruited Diana Allers!

Image: BioWare Image: BioWare

There a handful of other interesting stats, including that more players rejected choosing humanity’s first Councilor than voluntarily supported Udina. Almost half of players also opted to make the council all human if they let it get destroyed at the end of the first game. Big yikes. And perhaps not so surprisingly, “casual” was the most popular difficulty level for the remasters, and in fact was the most popular one for the final game.

This builds off the previous data set BioWare released back in July. At the time, he was the most used ally in Mass Effect, and the one most likely to survive Mass Effect 2, as he should be. I recently bought the the trilogy and will probably make sure he is the only one who survives going into Mass Effect 3. Me and Garrus vs. the galaxy. Forever.

Or at least until the distant future when BioWare finally releases a new one.


  • I’m honestly surprised so many chose to kill the Council.

    Now if we want the true Garrus stat, we need a percentage of how many bought the Garrus hugging pillow versus the Tali hugging pillow.

    • Have to ask.
      Mixed data still gives a good picture but I think first run only would be the most honest.
      (Since folks usually play the way they want the first time)

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