Community Review: Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Community Review: Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Now that we’ve all had a few days to get to grips with it, how are you feeling about Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer?

After a weekend that saw the rumour mill surge into overdrive, Xbox and 343 Industries ultimately confirmed Halo Infinite multiplayer would launch early. It dropped at the very end of a 20th Anniversary stream, celebrating both the Xbox platform and the Halo series.

Importantly, it seems to have pleased most players. There are complaints around specific issues — the tying of the game’s battle pass to challenges, the complexity of its menu UI — but in the main, it seems people are enjoying the moment-to-moment gameplay.

To me, it feels decidedly old school in a lot of ways. It doesn’t have the short time-to-kill of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042. The maps are straightforward and felt easy to learn, but rewarded mastery with fast flanks and hideyholes. New pickups like the grappling hook change the flow of movement — and let you yoink dropped flags right out of harm’s way in CTF.

But we want your take. Have you spent much time in Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer yet? How do you feel about the battle pass? Let us know down below.


  • Loving it, after trying BF2042 and Forza Horizon 5 it’s nice to play a multiplayer game that that works with no bugs at launch. Never been the biggest halo player only really played reach seriously but feels great so far, agree the season pass xp seems a little broken but haven’t had any issue navigating the UI.

  • Only player one game which was alright. It can be hard when placed on bad teams versus teams that are coordinated.

    Still annoyed that when I tried the MCC multiplayer a few months ago they didn’t have Aussie/Oceanic servers.

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