Cosplayer Simply Becomes Angelina Jolie

Cosplayer Simply Becomes Angelina Jolie

I’ve featured the work of Alyson Tabbitha a bunch of times here on Kotaku, because she’s just the best. Her make-up work is transformative, and in the past she has shape-shifted into everyone from Wonder Woman to Jack Sparrow to Leeloo Dallas.

Her latest effort is Angelina Jolie’s Thena, from Marvel’s Eternals. Note that this isn’t full cosplay; this is “just” a make-up test, with the full suit for a full-body cosplay shoot a work in progress.

But still, holy shit! Every time I think it’s funny and entirely implausible that Agent 47 can just walk into a bathroom, change his outfit and have the whole world think he’s a new man, I should remember that some people genuinely have this power, even if it takes a little longer to apply the finishing touches than Hitman might have us believe.

You can see more of Alyson’s cosplay work at her Facebook page, and for a detailed rundown of just how she works her make-up magic, here’s a recent video showing how she cosplayed as Emma Stone’s Cruella.

Cosplayer Simply Becomes Angelina Jolie


Cosplayer Straight Up Becomes Labyrinth’s Jennifer Connelly

Cosplayer Simply Becomes Angelina Jolie

These aren’t 1986 press shots promoting the release of Labyrinth. These are pictures taken in 2017 of cosplayer and assumed shapeshifter Alyson Tabbitha.

From Human To Titan, No Violence Required

Cosplayer Simply Becomes Angelina Jolie

Here’s the always-incredible Alyson Tabbitha with an Attack on Titan outfit that was as simple to put together as it is impressive.

“I made a bodysuit with a dance leotard and leggings and sewed them together, padded it to add more muscle mass & shape, then painted it with cheap 1$ acrylic paint from Walmart!” she says. Add some of her trademark make-up work and here you go, one near-perfect Titan. She just needs to be…a few feet taller. A few dozen feet.

Cosplayer Transforms Into Wonder Woman

Cosplayer Simply Becomes Angelina Jolie

Alyson Tabbitha, a regular around here for her astounding make-up and costume work, returns with this temporary diversion where she ceases to be a human cosplayer and becomes an Amazonian arse-kicker.

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