Cyberpunk 2077 Is Having Its First Good Day

Cyberpunk 2077 Is Having Its First Good Day
A visual allegory. (Screenshot: CD Projekt)

Poor old Cyberpunk 2077. Is a phrase I never thought I’d think. But here we are, just a couple of weeks away from its first year on sale (!), and I do find myself feeling odd twinges. Because goodness me, it’s rather popular on Steam today.

Hovering in the top half of Steam’s top 10 top sellers, CD Projekt’s beleaguered game seems to be finding new love with its current half price sale. Down to A$44.97, rather than the incredibly optimistic A$89.95 it’s laughably maintained for almost 12 months, people are jumping to get it. And, you know what, fair enough really. Because at this point the game has received literally thousands of bug fixes, patches, patches to fix previous patches, removed wetness, added even wetterness, and on the PC at least, is a functioning, enormous RPG.

On console, that’s still a whole other matter. In a year that has seen CD Projekt get hacked, their source code stolen and auctioned online, they tried to bury the severity of that hack under the noise of E3, while also being taken off sale by Sony for six months, and having the extent of the crunch their developers were put under made very visible. Which perhaps could have been better received if the promised “next-gen” versions of the game for PS5 and XBS had appeared when promised. Which of course they didn’t. And still haven’t.

But today — today they’re having a good day. As VCG reported, CDP president Adam Kiciński got all giddy and told Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita, “We believe that in the long run Cyberpunk 2077 will be perceived as a very good game, and like our other titles, it will sell for years.”

Meanwhile, Cyberpunk’s quest director, Paweł Sasko, rushed to Twitter in child-like joy at seeing the game get not-terrible reviews on Steam. In fact, boosted by the current sale, the game is registering “Very Positive.”

Noting that these reviews have arrived in the last few days, Sasko adds, “You can’t imagine what it means to me.” Sniff.

He later added, “Over 15K very positive reviews in the last days, while both #Cyberpunk2077 and #TheWitcher3 are on the global list of Steam top sellers,” concluding, “Thank you so much!”

Forbes caught the game at the very top of Steam’s list earlier, although at the time of writing it’s being pipped by, er, Farming Simulator 22.

Eventually someone’s going to tap them all on the shoulder and remind them they’ve got to get the game working for consoles at some point, and the sadness will all rush back in. But let’s let them have this one.


  • Well I imagine that’s a combination of the game being miles better than when it was released a year ago + not paying full game price for it.

    I played through and enjoyed it back in the day, but man it was a rough ride.

  • Has been regularly selling in Australia for AUD$34 for the past 3 – 6 months, that’s US$24. Probably worth picking up at the price because it will go back up next year with the release of current gen versions.

  • I stopped playing on our XBox One X, after I reached 90% of my first playthrough, because of the Delamain Quest Bug.

    As CDPR still didn’t implement a Quest Reset Function of some sort, I would have to start from scratch again, which I won’t.

    I also bought it for PC, created a different character than on the XBox, but then there came the last patch, which wouldn’t install past 15%, even that there weren’t any corrupted files etc.

    So I uninstalled, re-downloaded and re-installed the game and made sure, that the latest patch was successfully applied.

    After creating another new character, I stopped and never touched it again, so far and I really doubt, that I will ever go back, to play it again.

    I cut my losses and moved on, as there is no point in wasting any more time on that shipwreck of a game.


  • The ridiculous need and delight some gamers showed for kicking them in the balls when they we down was and still is embarrassing. Yes the game shouldnt have launched but there were a lot of things that happened in 2020 that shouldnt have happen. But in gamers juvenile hatefest they seem to forgot passed all the beancounters and all the decision makers to launch, there were hundreds of artists who worked their ass off for years. Every time the game is used a punchline for a joke, it is them who are insulted.

    I am atiently waiting for the current gen patch, because for the many hours I played it, there was clearly a labour of love buried amid the rubbish. I dont see the delight gamers have for kicking someone when they are down, especially when it is like their first offense unlike all millions of EA and Ubisoft disasters.

    • Jesus christ you are taking being a contrarian to a new level.

      “Other things were worse in 2020 so you shouldn’t complain about cyberpunk on launch” is a take id never thought id see.

      I wonder what your take was for Battlefront 2 on launch?

      “Hey guys, those negative reviews are unfair, You shouldn’t complain about the progression and loot boxes because they need to make money. “

      • Like almost every game that is universally panned for legitimate reasons, You attempt to find some way to dismiss or delegitimize the negative reviews.

        You are a video game hipster.

        • ‘universal panned’? PROVE IT. With real data sales compared to satisfaction. Spoiler alert. You cant. The only way your statement is true is if you believe all social media is utter truth, and it completely measures an entire gaming customer base.

          • Did you shut off your brain during the launch?

            Did you completely forget the substantial press coverage on the issues at launch?

      • No, just a functional adult capable of thinking for himself and not jumping on digital social media trend. Instead understanding that even in the worse games, with the worst launchers there possibly still good parts in the thing.

        People such as yourself always seem overly eager to jump on the negatives (see every single post you make replying to me) because somedays it seems like your only currency seems to be pointing people down. Because they refuse to toe the line.

        Imagine seeing social hatefest as so acceptable and commonplace, if someone disagrees they have to be a contrarian. You do understand how there is entire industries of people whose job it is to make these hatefests. While there is truth to them they are so often hijacked. Lets take BF 2024, IF all the hate about it is true, why are the servers still so full of people? Just because you see the mostly deserved hatefest for it, just because some people still like it that doesnt make them contrarians, because you cant prove the percentage of those who are happy from the haters… its almost like you actual believe what you read on social is flawless truth?!!! thats pretty hilarious.

        • Liking a game other people dont isnt what makes you a hipster contrarian.

          Your repeated attempts to delegitimize negative reactions and review to widely panned games and treat your positive reactions as being much more legitimate are what makes you a hipster contrarian.

          Almost any game that is widely panned for legitimate reasons you find some way to brush away the negative reactions and in your insane view delegitimize negative reviews.

          You have been doing this for years. This is the second time ive called you out on this.

          You are a joke. You will always be a joke.
          I am probably the only person that takes your opinions seriously.

  • The Cyberpunk 2077 release was obviously a storied failure at the hands of poor decision making at the executive level, and an unforgiveably broken console experience by all accounts.

    That aside though, it is a labour of love made by thousands of dedicated artists, musicians, modellers, animators, environmental designers, storytellers etc. The list goes on.

    I picked it up Day 1 for PC and thoroughly enjoyed the 160-odd hours I spent in the world. The game gets a lot more hate than it deserves, and it deserves to be played. Yes, I had a handful of bugs crop up during my playthrough, though perhaps I was lucky and didn’t experience anything game-breaking.

  • Still buggy AF, quests that don’t complete if you do an unrelated task before another. Objects that cannot be picked up etc.

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