Discord Backs Down On NFT And Crypto Integration (For Now)

Discord Backs Down On NFT And Crypto Integration (For Now)

Discord appears to have backed away from integrating NFT and crypto tools into the popular online community app.

Earlier this week, Discord became the target of social media ire when a user survey gauging ways to implement NFT and Web3 functionality into the app was surfaced on Twitter. For the uninitiated, Web3 refers to a version of the internet supported by crypto.

Discord CEO Jason Citron then shared an image of in-progress crypto wallet functionality on his social media channels.

Citron took to Twitter overnight to thank those who’d given their perspective. He stated that Discord has “currently no plans to ship this internal concept”.

“Web3 has lots of good but also lots of problems we need to work through at our scale. More soon.”

This clearly doesn’t rule the idea of crypto implementation on Discord. Rather, it seems to indicate that that functionality will remain on the back burner for now.

The last few weeks have been rife with stories about the collision of cryptocurrency and video games. Smaller developers are agreeing to walk away from NFT games altogether, while the number of AAA publishers expressing interest in crypto grows by the day.

So in the end, very much a wait-and-see situation. It’s clear that NFT, crypto and Web3 functionality will come to Discord at some point, whether the wider user base is happy about that or not. The questions that remain now are less about how Discord will implement those functions, and more about how Discord itself will benefit from it.

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