Forza Horizon 5 Is Full Of Jeeps After Fans Find Exploit

Forza Horizon 5 Is Full Of Jeeps After Fans Find Exploit

Wondering why Forza Horizon 5’s marketplace is suddenly full of shitty old Jeeps when there’s a whole world of fast and expensive sports cars out there?

The MB JEEP 1945, aka Willys, is a novelty vehicle included in the game because despite its poor racing stats, sometimes it’s just fun to drive around the desert in a rusty old open-top car.

As Windows Central reports the Jeep does have one other thing going for it, though, in that it offers a fast and straightforward path to a “Super Wheelspin”, one of the game’s big rewards that can grant you loads of cash and rare cars.

Which has made them immensely popular, because they only cost 40,000 to buy, and then once you get a Super Wheelspin you’ll easily make that back and then some on the more expensive cars you unlock. What’s put them everywhere, though, is the fact that players have discovered that if you get one, upgrade it enough to get the Super Wheelspin and then get rid of it, you can get your skill points back and do it all over again.

This has put Jeeps all over the game’s auction house, but because nobody in their right mind is going to pay auction house money for a Jeep in this economy, players have also resorted to gifting them to newcomers en masse. The end result being that no matter where you turn, at least in FH5’s menus, there are Jeeps everywhere in this game at the moment.

Not that this is a problem! Fans are clearly having some fun with it, as you can see on the game’s subreddit:

Image: Reddit
Image: Reddit
Image: Reddit
Image: Reddit

But as funny as it is, you can’t imagine things will stay this way for long. A good-natured exploit it might be but it’s still an exploit than is affecting the game’s economy, so if you want to enjoy the Jeep Times, you’d best enjoy them now before they’re patched out.

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